February 14th, 2017

Meet Jacqui Brown

Jacqui Brown is the HR Manager here at Goodwille, who is working on supporting and growing our HR department. For the past six years Goodwille have provided in-house specialist HR advice and support services to UK businesses, and foreign businesses looking to expand into the UK. Jacqui previously worked in the HR department of a large Financial Services & International Management consultancy – we thought it would be good for you to know her better.

Jacqui spared us 60 seconds, so we could find out what’s hot and what’s not, whilst getting some interview advice from a sector specialist:

1) Any advice from a previous boss that sticks with you?
Never walk out of a door that you know you can’t walk back through again.

2) What did you want to be when you grew up?
Hmm, when I was very young (pre discovering I had two left feet), I wanted to be a dancer. I had a good imagination!

3) Tell us a fact about you!
I played the role of Oliver in a school play – the part of a little boy when I was 17……

4) Something someone said in an interview that’s made you cringe?
Nothing in particular that stands out, aside from whenever the terms ‘reaching out’ are used…that is always cringe worthy. I find it more irritating when someone has not done their research, they give a blanket statement that they think the company looks really ‘good’ or ‘interesting’, yet cannot tell you anything about what they know when asked. It is uncomfortable for both the interviewer and interviewee when the applicant cannot think of an answer to a question. Also ranting about a previous company and how horrific it is can also be a little uncomfortable!

5) Your favourite all time film?
It very much depends on my mood….tricky one! I’ll say my favourite film today is Amelie.

6) Something that you hate
Butter and margarine (and parsnips)!

7) What is an absolute not to do in an interview?
• Don’t fail to prepare! Know about the Company – LinkedIn, Company websites etc are great sources of information, think about how your experience links.
• Don’t dress inappropriately, dress in relation to the Industry of the Company you are meeting
• Don’t stress too much, this can lead to poor communication skills (both failure to speak and on the flipside, over communicating (rambling))! Try to enjoy the meeting, remember you want to make a positive impression on the person you are meeting.
• Don’t answer your phone/handle your phone during the interview. Pop it safely in your bag or pocket (on silent)!
• Don’t bad mouth your past colleagues/Company
• Don’t omit to listen to the question – make sure you are answering the correct question!

8) Finally, Rock or Pop?

Goodwille can provide your business with a fully outsourced HR function to make sure you are up-to-date with best practice HR in the UK. Our knowledge and experience, particularly in helping overseas companies understand the complications of UK employment law, has been crucial to businesses setting up here. Read more about our HR service offering here.