August 10th, 2018

Meet James Service

Our Marketing Manager James Service is more than just a Marketing Manager. Besides marketing activities and reaching out a helping hand to businesses thinking about starting up in the UK, he is involved with most aspects of the business, which he knows inside out as he has been with Goodwille all his working life.

James spared us a few moments in between speaking to foreign businesses about doing business in the UK, organising social activities for Team Goodwille and chilling in the bean bags to answer some questions about what makes Goodwille a good place to work and what it’s really like to work with a bunch of Scandis…

What do you do at Goodwille?

I’m the Marketing Manager at Goodwille and it’s my job to make sure people find us, remember us & choose us when they are searching for the thrilling topic of outsourced business services in the UK. My unofficial job here is social klubb lead, table football champion & beanbag officer. (I’ve lost the table football champion title, but I’m clinging on to the other three fulltime positions.)

What is your background and how did you end up at Goodwille?

I studied Geography at University with a focus on conservation & the natural world, and worked part-time at ‘Enlink’. Many older clients & partners will remember Enlink which was started by my oldest sister, Kate. It was meant to be a part time stopgap which I didn’t have to go for interview for. Where most people spent time having fun at university I spent mine working late and putting paperwork in numerical order. Goodwille ultimately acquired Enlink (and my soul) about seven years ago, and here I am, still clinging on without ever being interviewed. Maybe I’m doing something right, or maybe they just haven’t noticed I’m still here.

You have been with Goodwille for 11 years, what made you stay this long?

I’ve moved around a bit whilst I’ve been here, from Office Assistant, Client Support, Marketing Executive to Marketing Manager. The job gives me responsibility, the opportunity to try out my ideas and have fun. I hear about people who dread going to work, and I’m glad that’s not me <insert standard comment from colleagues saying that’s because you do nothing>. Some people think they have it tough until they change jobs, and realise the grass is rarely greener.  I’d hate to work for some stiff corporate where I have to wear polished shoes and a tie every day to work, that’s not me and that’s not Goodwille.

As a Brit working in a company strongly influenced by the Nordics, what have been the most fun/enjoyable and most difficult things to get used to?

I like Nordic people, they’re a lot friendlier than us Brits. I think Goodwille is increasingly influenced by the Nordic startup feel that many companies have, where the people are at the core of the business. I really like that. One thing I’ve found difficult though is trying to understand their love of Rye bread. I’m concerned these people don’t have Warburtons in their life, now that’s real bread….

Best and worst thing about your job?

I love the variety my job offers, the people I get to work with, the team spirit and fun that we all have along the way. I love winning new business for Goodwille. Nothing gives me a greater sense of achievement than when a company joins us off the back of the teams marketing activities. The worst thing about the job is probably organising events. They always go well, but I can’t relax and enjoy them. I spend so much time running through every micro detail in my head beforehand. That’s stress I don’t need in my life.

Tell us something most people don’t know about you!

I read the Daily Mail every day and I take what I read as gospel. Their love of fake news isn’t helping anyone, but it’s fun and more interesting than the broadsheets even if it’s not real. I’m sorry!  On a separate note I can be a bit obsessive. I find a new hobby, buy all the gear and then I’m bored of it a month later – I’m talking fishing, walking, scuba diving, stamp collecting. I think I’m old before my time. My current obsession is growing my own vegetables, lets see how long the fad lasts.

Will you be around at Goodwille for another 11 years?

Who knows what the future holds, but I’ll be part of the furniture by then. It’s scary to think it’s been my entire working life so far. With the direction the company is going, and the ideas and mentality new blood is bringing to the company I hope I am. That said, the dream was to be working with turtles in Costa Rica. I’m sure that step in my career is just around the corner, should the works lottery syndicate ever actually come off.

Describe yourself in 3 words!

Last one standing.

7 quick questions – did working at Goodwille affect your Britishness?

Victoria sponge or kanelbullar?
Victoria Sponge..

Go hiking or go to the pub?
I’d probably say go hiking, and then go to the pub after.

Sauna the Finnish way or Afternoon tea?
I’ve heard weird things about them Finnish sauna’s, I’m taking the afternoon tea.

Bangers & mash or wurst & sauerkraut?
Bangers & mash, I’m British!

Invite people over for a home-cooked meal or eat out at a restaurant?
Invite people over! I like entertaining. I’m the always the organiser and host.

Crisps or pick & mix?
Pick & Mix, sweet stuff over savoury all day long.

Salty liquorice – Yay or Nay?
Yay, for sure.