January 17th, 2024

Meet Saga Palmer: Goodwille’s Recent Marketing Hire

It’s with great pleasure that we welcome a new member to Goodwille and more specifically, to the marketing team! Meet Saga Palmer, Senior Marketing Executive here at Goodwille. Having worked previously at the Swedish Chamber of Commerce, a large proportion of our network may recognise Saga. For those who do know Saga, you will undoubtedly share in our enthusiasm for this new chapter. Take a read of this article to find a bit more about Saga and her unique perspective as a Swede living in London.


What are you most excited about your new role with us at Goodwille?.

I’d love to connect with the international business community within and around Goodwille. I feel very fortunate to be in a position where I get to meet with so many inspiring businesses and people, and I’d like to spend as much of my time as possible just building these relationships.


What difference do you think you can make to Goodwille & the marketing team? 

I believe my experience as an expat Scandi in London can be of great value for Goodwille. Having made the leap from the Nordics to the UK myself, I can more easily understand the journey (and the challenges) that people and businesses might be facing when coming across the North Sea.

Apart from this, I bring with me a large Nordic network from my time working at the SCC, a passion for branding and the intention to further strengthen the bonds between Goodwille and the Scandi society in London and the UK.


Tell us something your passionate about? 

My passion lies in building relationships and partnerships, and finding ways to connect people and businesses, in ways that are mutually beneficial. I thrive when I get the chance to meet people, learn about their ideas and aspirations, and look for ways to help them turn those into reality.


What attracted to you the position? 

Goodwille’s has an exceptional reputation within the Swedish-British business community, something I learned early on in my previous role working for the Swedish Chamber of Commerce for the UK. The team at Goodwille has built a large network and earned the trust of the Nordic community, and I’ve met countless businesses that have been grateful for the help they’ve received. By joining Goodwille, I hope to be able to support Nordic businesses, both those who are already present in the UK, and those who are looking to make the leap.


Tell us about your background and previous experience at the Chamber?

I was born and raised in Sweden, where I studied multimedia journalism and worked several years in news broadcasting and media production. Then I moved to London in 2020, to pursue a career in international business, and decided to join the marketing and communications’ department at the Swedish Chamber of Commerce for the UK. During the years I spent at the Chamber, I had the privilege of working with a great team – both professional and passionate about promoting Swedish businesses in the UK. I worked on multiple projects around the country, with partners, events and accelerator programmes, and was leading the work with the Chamber’s member magazine, the Link.


How will that experience prepare you for your new role here?

In my previous role, I’ve followed multiple businesses making the journey from the Nordics into the UK, and gained a significant understanding of the needs and challenges they might face during and after the expansion. I’ve also built a diverse network within the Nordic-British business community, and I hope to able to leverage this to support Goodwille’s partners and clients.


Your new role will focus on developing relationships with our partners. How would you define the key elements of a successful strategic alliance?

An alliance should be (equally) beneficial for both parties; I truly believe that the more the partnership is based on similar aims and interests, the stronger it grows and the more successful the outcome. Therefore, I hope to build alliances where I work passionately in the interest of Goodwille’s partners, focusing on quality over quantity.


Can you share a project you are proud of from your last role that you think has set you up well for your role here?

One of my last projects at the SCC was about highlighting the Swedish business footprint in the UK. The project was carried out in partnership with the Embassy of Sweden, and aimed to shed light on Swedish businesses around the country, and tell the stories of how they got to where they are today.

Speaking with multiple business leaders and entrepreneurs, I gained truly valuable insights on both the challenges and some of the keys to be successful when coming into the UK as a foreign business. Hopefully, I can use these insights to support the businesses reaching out to Goodwille for advice in the future.


What would you say are your key strengths?

I hope and believe that my knowledge of the Nordic culture and business landscape, combined with my interest in building partnerships and alliances, will be out great value for Goodwille.


What message do you have for our network, especially those who are familiar with your work at The Swedish Chamber, as you start this new journey with us?

I would encourage anyone and everyone to reach out! When coming as an expat or a foreign business to a new country, it can be extremely helpful to speak with someone who has already made the same journey as yourself. They can tell you about opportunities to look out for and challenges to expect – things that you would never have thought of. By learning from others’ mistakes, you can avoid making them yourself.


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