Alexander Goodwille

“I enjoy being part of a multi-cultural organisation that helps people build and run their companies in the UK. Particularly helping to fulfil the goals of individual and organisations alike, as well as the freedom to run with interesting and innovative projects, gives me immense pleasure in being a part of the Goodwille brand.”

As CEO, Alexander keeps a close eye on the ‘bigger picture’, building the strategic alliances that underpin Goodwille’s extensive network as well as looking at new business opportunities ensuring that Goodwille is at the forefront of its service offering. He is responsible for managing and improving the large number of IT systems, bespoke and off the shelf, constantly searching for the next emerging applications that could improve our offering to our clients and intelligently integrate those into our current platform.

Alexander joined Goodwille in April 2015 trying to diversify from a background built from working in Finance. Educated in a joint honours of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering (BEng) gives him the diverse skillset to work in an SME, working in a quickly moving IT world. In his own time, he enjoys getting out of his comfort zone whether that be travelling or doing various adventure sports. Usually accompanied with good food and a glass of wine or pint of beer.

Swedish, English, French

+44 (0)20 7795 8100
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