Kevin Rutter

“Having many years of experience in service businesses similar to Goodwille holding multiple leadership positions in leading UK accountancy practices, it is a huge privilege to serve as Goodwille’s CEO at an exciting time for the business. I look forward to developing the company further in close cooperation with my fantastic colleagues, business partners and international clients.”

As CEO, Kevin keeps a close eye on the ‘bigger picture’, building the strategic alliances that underpin Goodwille’s extensive network as well as looking at new business opportunities ensuring that Goodwille is at the forefront of its service offering.

Kevin is a keen follower of Sunderland FC and he attends the Edinburgh fringe festival every year which helps cement his love of Guinness. He is a music lover and an aspiring guitarist – although he says, his enthusiasm far outweighs his ability!

ACA (Chartered Accountant)


+44 (0)1926 405 511