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Using the latest payroll systems, we are able to administer efficient payroll services providing solutions for foreign owned businesses with UK based employees. Whether it’s one employee here in the UK, or you are running a full retail operation in the UK with hundreds of employees, we can provide a solution, no matter how big the operation is to ensure that your employees are paid on time, every time.

Our Payroll team can process the payroll for you and send the reports via a secure portal for checking and final approval, then depending on the agreed process, either the client can make the payments themselves, or Goodwille can handle the payment to the employees, HMRC & the pension provider on your behalf.

While most of our clients’ employees are on a fixed monthly salary, we also deal with timesheets for those on differing payrates, may have commission bonus and flexible workers. We do also have a few clients who prefer a weekly payroll.

Meet Our
Payroll Manager

Lisa Thomas
As our Payroll Manager, Lisa has vast experience in payroll, customer service & business administration, Lisa is responsible for helping clients with all payroll related questions, including dealing with HMRC queries, producing payroll reports and processing payslips.