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Payroll Setup & PAYE Registration

Payroll Setup

Whether you have employees in the UK employed in a subsidiary company,  permanent establishment, or directly into your foreign entity, Goodwille can ensure an accurate and efficient solution to handling UK payroll. Using IRIS payroll professional, we are able to process payroll and UK employee earnings that are subject to PAYE (Pay As You Earn), which is taxed at the source along with national insurance contributions. We process this in line with the latest payroll regulations.

Employees working for a UK establishment, or directly for a foreign entity but based within the UK, will still be under the jurisdiction of UK law. Working hand-in-hand with your business Goodwille ensure that every legality is met for every eventuality.

Some  of the services offered in payroll set-up are as follows:

  • Setting up on UK payroll system
  • Uploading historical records (if transferring from another provider)
  • Onboarding initial employees

PAYE Registration

Our PAYE registration process includes:

  • Register for PAYE as an employer
  • Register before the first payday (usually requires 5 days to get the PAYE reference number)

If you stop being an employer in the UK, you will need to deregister from PAYE with HMRC. This is also the case if you are transferring employees employment from your foreign entity, to a newly formed entity (either subsidiary or UK establishment).

DPNI Registration

This element covers the administration of National Insurance payments for people in the UK where there is no UK based employer. Where no business is present in the UK or EEA, there will be no employer NI due and the employee must pay their own Class 1 National Insurance contributions to HMRC (in all cases Goodwille make these on behalf of the employee). We can help you and your employees to navigate this situation.

Our dedicated support team of payroll specialists are always on hand to provide full support. You can be sure that any issues you may have are dealt with as quickly and efficiently as possible. 

Meet Our
Payroll Manager

Lisa Thomas
As our Payroll Manager, Lisa has vast experience in payroll, customer service & business administration, Lisa is responsible for helping clients with all payroll related questions, including dealing with HMRC queries, producing payroll reports and processing payslips.