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James Service, Marketing Manager
+44 (0) 1926 405 511

Secondary Contact (Swedish, English)
Alexander Goodwille, Development Director
+44 (0) 20 7795 8100

Good together. Our cross-border, multi-cultural experience is your assurance of success.

Since 1997, Goodwille has helped more than 1,800 companies successfully expand their businesses in the UK through our support services. Today, we have a client base of more than 500 companies from all over the world. That in itself speaks volumes. This vast and unique experience has also given us the massive advantage of being able to understand and interpret the vital cultural differences between the countries with which we deal. Differences not only in company and employment law but also political, business and trading life. Ignore these sometimes subtle differences at your cost.

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Alexander Goodwille small headshot

Development Director (Alexander Goodwille)

Alexander Goodwille posed with folded arms in front of Goodwille sign

Development Director (Alexander Goodwille)

Annika Goodwille stood outside London Goodwille offices

Founder (Annika Goodwille)

Development Director (Alexander Goodwille) & CEO (Kevin Rutter)

Alexander Goodwille and Kevin Rutter outside the front of the London Goodwille offices

CEO (Kevin Rutter) & Development Director (Alexander Goodwille)

Alexander and Kevin in Goodwille London office with arms crossed in front of a map

Development Director (Alexander Goodwille) & CEO (Kevin Rutter)

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Entrance (Landscape)

Meeting Room (Landscape)

Goodwille (Landscape)

Office Space (Landscape)


Entrance (Portrait)

Office Space (Landscape)

Garden Area (Landscape)


Garden Area (Portrait)

Rear of Office (Landscape)

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