September 23rd, 2021

SaaSiest 2021: Focus on the Future


Goodwille had the pleasure to attend SaaSiest 2021 presented by SaaS Nordic, a peer-to-peer network for Nordic SaaS professionals. The event provides a forum for SaaS founders and professionals to discuss and share expertise regarding current business trends, best practices, and deep dive into a wide range of relative topics.

The two days of SaaSiest 2021 generated great presentations, engaging discussions, and many new inspiring ideas of how to improve businesses for them to reach their goals. We certainly left the event feeling inspired and excited to try out some of the new ideas and strategies we picked up during the event!

Why we attended SaaSiest 2021

Goodwille has an extensive client base in the SaaS industry, and we are always looking for an opportunity to broaden our knowledge of our clients and their needs. Similarly, we wanted to get a more profound understanding of current business trends and about how the landscape of the industry will evolve and look like in the future.

Topics that we found particularly interesting included discussions regarding the growing startup scene and how new startups can ‘break through the noise’. By relating this issue to marketing strategies, getting heard early on and make people interested in what the startup is offering is not always easy, but it is necessary and also an interesting area of discussion. Similarly, the importance of businesses differentiating themselves from other businesses in their marketing strategy was discussed with an emphasis on having a clear vision.

We also enjoyed the talks linked to our own expertise, such as presentations on how to scale your business and how businesses can start up in a different country. Having the opportunity to see things from different perspectives by considering several key elements of expanding to countries other than the UK was very interesting and many good points were brought up.

A common theme throughout SaaSiest 2021 was the focus on the future. For it to be possible for businesses to constantly improve, grow, increase sales and reach other goals, it is vital to be prepared for the future. The future business landscape is not going to be the same as in the past especially considering the future of workplaces. During the presentation on the future of workplaces, it was argued that the best option for both business leaders and employees is to embrace flexible working when possible as it increases productivity. Another intriguing discussion was regarding the importance of knowing how to balance technology and automated tools with human resources. When technology is becoming an increasingly important part of businesses, being able to adopt new tech strategies is vital to stay relevant in the future.

About the winner of ‘SaaSiest Company in the Nordics 2021’

During the event, neo4j was awarded ‘SaaSiest Company in the Nordics 2021’. Neo4j is the leading graph database platform that drives innovation and competitive advantage at Airbus, Comcast, eBay, NASA, UBS, Walmart and more. We look forward to following their journey and seeing what the future may hold for neo4j.

We would like to thank SaaS Nordic for organizing a very inspiring event from which we are bringing back many new ideas both for ourselves and our clients!