February 15th, 2017


Secondments provide employees with an opportunity to experience a different part of an organisation or a different organisation altogether, and the potential benefits can be great for both the secondee and the organisation, particularly with a well thought out process and clear expectations for all parties, ensuring a smooth transition for the secondee between different roles and working environments.

Secondment is the temporary movement or ‘loan’ of an employee to another part of an organisation, which includes movement between countries for (typically) up to two years.

As organisations adopt ever flatter management structures, traditional opportunities for promotion through a succession of line management positions are limited. Secondments offer employees career development opportunities and are increasingly used as part of talent management programmes. They also provide organisations with the chance to develop their skills base.

When setting up a subsidiary in a new market, such as the UK, it is common that an employee from the international parent company, in our case most commonly Sweden or Finland, is seconded to the newly established UK operation. The transfer of the employee means someone with experience of the companies product or service, and internal systems means they can hit the ground running.

Our HR Department can assist with secondments and a range of other HR services. If you would like advice or support with secondments in the UK or anything else related to UK employees, don’t hesitate to get in touch.