As its name suggests, this kind of agreement outlines the terms and conditions of specific thing. This could range from a website’s terms of use, to trading, products, liability.

An agreement between the shareholders of a company to ensure that the investment of the shareholder’s in the company is protected.

We will advise you on developing compliant and tax efficient structures to meet the overall objectives of your business goals.

Confidentiality agreements or non-disclosure agreements (NDA) can be drawn up for your business as it outlines confidential material, knowledge and information.

Intercompany loans are when one business division or department transfers a loan to another division or department. These agreements are designed to outline the loan amount, the amount of interest rate to be charged and the principal terms for repayment.  It is common that these are put in place when a new subsidiary is set up and funded by the parent company based overseas.

Businesses will need to use an investors agreement if they are forming a business and seeking investors through selling shares. If you are investing in another company it will help protect you as an investor.

Vidou Motee
Vidou supports clients with both day-to-day administrative tasks, such as the drafting of corporate documentation and ensuring statutory deadlines are met, as well as more complex matters such as VAT and other registrations, corporate insurance requirements, health & safety advice and other regulatory compliance matters. Being a central point of contact for all her clients, she further supports them by providing any additional assistance or advice as may be required.