A company secretary is responsible for the administration of a company to ensure that it is compliant with the law. It is not a compulsory appointment for limited companies, but it can help when operating in uncharted territory. Company secretaries are often asked to take on responsibility for legal matters.  

Goodwille work across a wide variety of sectors, supporting both private and public limited companies. As part of our provision of Company Secretary we can help put the Director’s minds at ease (when they are often based abroad), as they know someone is taking care of the ongoing responsibilities in the UK.

The permanent representative is an appointment against a branch registration, this is an equivalent to appointing a company secretary in a limited company.

Vidou Motee
Vidou supports clients with both day-to-day administrative tasks, such as the drafting of corporate documentation and ensuring statutory deadlines are met, as well as more complex matters such as VAT and other registrations, corporate insurance requirements, health & safety advice and other regulatory compliance matters. Being a central point of contact for all her clients, she further supports them by providing any additional assistance or advice as may be required.