The Health and Safety Act is an essential piece of legislation for businesses who are operating in the UK. A business as small as one with 5 employees must, by law, have some form of health and safety policy. Generally, this is a policy that gets overlooked by businesses, but is absolutely crucial to get right.  

We work with your business and a specialist Health and Safety Officer who will do a full health and safety audit of your business to ensure compliance. Having policies in place which can be crafted from these audits is essential in maintaining safety and abiding by the legal obligations to operating a business in the UK. 

In addition, our health and safety team perform annual reviews on our client’s health and safety procedures to ensure compliance, providing suggestions for risk areas as well as annual audits to suggest further areas for improvement.

Depending on the industry that you operate in or the kind of business you run, you may need a more in-depth health and safety policy, covering more than the standard elements.

For example, you will need guidance and better health and safety working practices if you run a factory, or work in a production capacity, but if you only have offices providing intangible services or solution with no physical operation, the extent to which you will need to be covered by health and safety will be significantly less.

Vidou Motee
Vidou supports clients with both day-to-day administrative tasks, such as the drafting of corporate documentation and ensuring statutory deadlines are met, as well as more complex matters such as VAT and other registrations, corporate insurance requirements, health & safety advice and other regulatory compliance matters. Being a central point of contact for all her clients, she further supports them by providing any additional assistance or advice as may be required.