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Expanding To The
United Kingdom

Goodwille has been helping Swiss businesses create a UK presence, either through a virtual office solution or establishing a full UK subsidiary.

Goodwille is an active member of the British–Swiss Chamber of Commerce, an international group of organisations designed to help businesses grow and has German speakers working across our Corporate Governance, Finance & Front of House departments.

Ask one of our specialists how we can help you enter the UK market.

Expansion in die

Goodwille hat Schweizer Firmen geholfen, eine UK Präsenz zu schaffen, entweder durch eine Virtual Office Lösung oder durch die Etablierung einer UK Niederlassung.

Goodwille ist aktives Mitglied der Britisch-Schweizerischen Handelskammer, einer internationale Gruppe von Organisationen mit dem Ziel, Unternehmenswachstum zu fördern und besitzt deutschsprachige Mitarbeiter quer durch ihre Rechts-und Finanzabteilung und Front of House.

Fragen Sie eines unserer Spezialisten wie wir Sie unterstützen können, den UK Markt zu erschliessen.

Swiss Clients


Capefoxx is Europe’s trusted source for used Microsoft software licences and have been clients since 2021.


Hapimag is a chain of resorts and residences globally for vacations and holidays. They have been with us since 2001.


Implantica is a medtech company at the forefront of eHealth and smart medical implants with initial focus on urology and digestive surgery. We started helping them with their UK expansion in 2018.

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Meet The Goodwille Switzerland Specialists

  • Kevin Rutter
    Languages: English
  • James Service
    Marketing Manager
    Languages: English
  • Elliot Walker
    Elliott Walker
    Customer Success Executive
    Languages: English

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Our management team regularly travel to Zurich to visit clients, our network and attend events. If you are interested in meeting with us when we next visit Switzerland, please contact us to arrange an appointment.

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