February 24th, 2022

Sole Trader Club launches in the UK to continue international growth

London Expansion

Experience the UK’s new invoicing program with Sole Trader Club, launching today in the UK. Initially founded in Norway, Sole Trader Club is currently helping over 15,000 users worldwide, specifically targeting individuals who work for themselves and might find the tendency to become easily disorganised with various paper documents.

Today, the Trondheim company has launched in the UK to help businesses with invoicing and expense management. Sole Trader Club found the UK an attractive market to enter for the solid entrepreneurial mindset pushing for the start of new businesses, as well as being the home to almost 6 million SME’s. In addition, the relationship between the Nordics and the UK is highly positive and has promising foundations to allow the company to grow and become a success.

The product allows you to create clean and professional online invoices in just a few clicks. Its highly user-friendly and efficient solution enables customers to produce invoices in any language, in any currency at any time and from any device. In addition, they allow the convenient option to save a draft invoice ready to come back to later – a perfect solution for tracking time and expenses over several days. Unlike other solutions, which often seem disjointed and difficult to use, Sole Trader Club’s solution allows for a smooth process.

Sole Trader Club believes quality software should not break the bank; therefore, their monthly service costs just £5. Noticeably ideal for any sole trader or smaller business looking to level up its operations.

Alexander Goodwille, UK Director: “With so many people trying to start new businesses or running a side hustle, Sole Trader Club hopes to bring ease of use and practical solutions to that new endeavour. Over time we also aspire to build a sense of community to the adventure of starting your own and build a new business, to give you even more chances of success!”

Goodwille are proud to support yet another UK expansion from the Nordics. It’s excellent to see businesses from abroad so eager to trade here and we hope for a prosperous future for Sole Trader Club and other businesses alike. You can visit Sole Trader Club here: