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June 19, 2024 10:00 am

Goodwille & Friends: Finding Your Story to Unlock the Power of PR in the UK

In a 30-minute seminar discussing PR basics for new UK companies. Topics cover timing for PR consideration, market variations, online vs. print PR values, earned vs. paid coverage, and publication tips. They also explore finding engaging narratives, identifying target audiences, formatting expectations, and success stories. Attendees are invited to bring questions for the Q&A session, promising practical insights for enhancing current practices.

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About this Webinar

A 30 minute seminar hosted by Managing Director of Rochester PR, Joanna Dodd and hosted by Goodwille’s Marketing Manager James Service, discussing the importance of PR and how to go about it as a new company in the UK:

PR & The Basics

  • The right time to consider PR
  • Variances between markets
  • Trends and value within online & print PR
  • Earned coverage vs Paid coverage
  • Tips & Tricks on publications

Finding Your Story

  • What is going to get picked up? What is interesting?
  • Who do you target?
  • Structural and format expectations
  • Success stories

Come with questions! We will be answering these at the end.

By attending this seminar, you will leave well equipped with practical knowledge you can use to review they way you currently work and adapt based on the valuable takeaways from the session.


Joanna Dodd
Founder & Managing Director at Rochester PR

Joanna has over 25 years experience in PR, which aside from one stint as a client, has been spent in consultancy working with companies from brand-new start-ups to global multinationals – across a huge range of sectors, from food and drink to private equity, and major charities to IT innovators. Market entry, product and company launches have been a consistent strongpoint. She founded Rochester PR Group after working in PR agencies large and small, some within international PR or marketing services groups. Many of her clients have worked with her for many years, a sign of her loyalty and commitment to clients, and theirs to her, and an indication of her continuing enthusiasm and excitement about what PR can achieve.


James Service
Marketing Manager