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Expand to England – Event on scaling up and market entry to the UK

Slush Helsinki is the world’s leading startup event, gathering over 20,000 techies with one common goal – to celebrate entrepreneurship, making a sustainable and positive impact through tech, and facilitate meetings between companies and entrepreneurs of the future.

Slush takes place on 4-5 December in and around Helsinki, along with several side events taking place all around the Finland’s capital. Goodwille, together with Department for International Trade, are proud to host the Slush side event EXPAND TO ENGLAND on the 4th of December. The event will provide companies with everything they need to expand internationally.

About the event

Hosted by Goodwille and the Department for International Trade, EXPAND TO ENGLAND will provide you with everything you need to succeed in the UK. Attendees will learn how to raise investment, how to promote yourself internationally, and how avoid the pitfalls many others have fallen into.

This event is for startups, SME’s, entrepreneurs and businesses looking to establish in the UK, as well as mentors and advisors helping tech businesses succeed on UK’s tech scene. It will be an interactive seminar with experts on international expansion, followed by networking and 1-2-1 sessions with the experts.

About the speakers

Goodwille help businesses from the Nordic region expand into and scale in the UK. Goodwille have over 20 years of experience supporting businesses with all the essential services needed to operate on the UK market. They know what’s needed to run a UK business, and this knowledge combined with understanding how business works in your home market makes the move from the Nordics to the UK smooth. Let Goodwille take care of the practical UK side of your business while you focus on your core business!

DIT – Department for International Trade is an international economic department of the UK government, operating to secure UK and global prosperity by promoting and financing international trade and investment, championing free trade. The responsibilities of the Department include bringing together policy, promotion and financial expertise to break down barriers to trade and investment and promoting British trade and investment across the world. This includes helping foreign businesses locate in the UK, as well as helping UK businesses expand overseas. In Finland, the free of charge and confidential services of the UK Department for International Trade (DIT) are available for those companies that are looking to set up a subsidiary, expand their current operations or carry out R&D in the UK.

Business Finland is an accelerator of global growth by helping businesses go global and supporting and funding innovations. Their top experts and the latest research data enable companies to seize market opportunities and turn them into success stories. Business Finland aims to develop Finland to be the most attractive and competitive innovation environment in which companies are able to grow, change, and succeed.

Rochester PR are specialist in market entry who advise international clients and brands on successfully entering the UK market. Whilst Rochester delivers all that you would expect from an agency in terms of its services for example media relations campaigns; social media and influencer campaigns; event management; content creation and marketing, it recognises that market entry clients are different. They require specialist advice and a flexible approach.  Everything Rochester does is about getting your brand to be better known and understood, helping deliver more business.

Jester is a premier executive coaching and leadership development company that works with some of the fastest growing companies in the Nordics on change. Jester helps CEOs and their management teams to boost growth through leadership and manage change within the company.


Date: 4 December 2018
Venue: Meeting Park Forum, 20 B Mannerheimintie, 00100 Helsinki
Time: 17:00 – 20:00

17:00 Registration
17:30 – 19:00 Seminars with Q&A
19:00 – 20:00 Networking, Drinks & Nibbles with 1 – 2 – 1

Wrap Up London

Do you have any old, unwanted winter coats that only take up space in your wardrobe? Donate them to charity and help keep vulnerable people stay warm this winter!

Between 8-14 November, the campaign Wrap Up London runs at several major London underground stations. Wrap Up London is run by the registered charity Hands On London, and during the campaign they collect your old, unwanted coats and giving them to charities that support the homeless, refugees, children living in poverty and people fleeing domestic violence.

Coats donated to Wrap Up London go directly to people across London who struggle to keep warm during the winter months. Coats are distributed via homeless shelters, refugee centres, organisations supporting the elderly, women’s refuges, children’s centres and other charities helping people in crisis.

There are collection points for people to donate coats at six of London’s major tube stations; Canary Wharf, Kings Cross, Liverpool Street, London Bridge, Victoria and Waterloo. Goodwille will collect coats at our London office for clients and employees who want to donate but do not pass any of these underground stations during the campaign. Our CSR team will on behalf of Goodwille drop off all coats and jackets donated by the team & friends on Wednesday 14th November.

Donate old or unwanted coats and help those that can’t afford winter clothes to wrap up and stay warm this winter. Give a coat, warm a heart – help keep vulnerable people warm by donating a coat this November! #DOITFOROTHERS

Want to read more about how Goodwille support charities and the activities we get involved in to raise awareness and funds for good causes? Check out our Charity Page.

The importance of HR Services in the UK

Your employees are your most important assets! Motivated employees that enjoy what they do and are happy at work will help move your business forward. Human Resources and People Management aims to make your employees stay motivated and happy at work, and also to deal with situations when employees are feeling the opposite. If you take your business seriously, you should also take HR seriously to make sure your employees are motivated and passionate about taking your business further.

To dig deeper into why companies should make HR their biggest priority, we have interviewed our HR Manager Jacqui Brown. In this interview she reveals what companies risk if they don’t care about HR, about the newest HR services we are adding to Goodwille’s People Management offering to support our clients’ growing work forces, and how UK HR practise differs from Nordic and the impact this might have on Nordic companies establishing in the UK.

Hi Jacqui! Tell us about your history at Goodwille and your responsibilities as HR Manager?

I’ve been working with Goodwille now for coming up to 3 years. I already had an existing history pre-Goodwille of working internationally within the HR field, however Goodwille was my first introduction to the Scandinavian working culture (which is the origin of the bulk of our clients, although we are not Nordic exclusive!) and that has been great. I run a growing team within HR at Goodwille and also interact very closely with our other departments where we are engaged in offering more than HR services to a client.

My responsibilities involve steering my team so that HR administration tasks are handled concisely within areas such as creating essential HR documentation (employment contracts, staff policies, reference checking), absence tracking etc. I will be on hand to give advice and/or handle our clients employee relations needs (including disciplinary, performance or grievance matters), terminations (including redundancies). In terms of organisational design, I can help clients map where their employee needs lie and assist with secondments to the UK if necessary. The list really is endless!

Why should companies care about HR?

HR exists to help Companies achieve their end goals.

Most people think of HR as a department who exist to ‘police’ the company and to take a regimented approach. This is not the truth of the matter. HR are there to help bring employee’s on-board initially, to incentivise new and existing employees to perform better by way of performance and reward, but also by helping the Company implement appropriate measures and tools to assist the employee in performing well. Of course, HR are also there to ensure that whatever actions that are taken are legal and safe when it comes to employee relation matters.

What can happen if companies don’t care about HR?

If your employees don’t feel incentivised (i.e. they don’t feel they are developing or they are not rewarded appropriately for their work) or they don’t feel supported, they will leave. This is costly for the business to make replacements especially if you are paying agency fees each time.

If you don’t care about HR in the sense that you might not care to get something wrong when terminating an employee or disciplining them, this could result in finding yourself facing a tribunal (or paying out for a settlement agreement to avoid one). In either case, it is costly and at tribunal this is also costly in terms of time. Be aware, since tribunal fees were scrapped for claimants, the % in claims has increased by up to 90%!

Goodwille’s HR Offering

What HR services can Goodwille assist with?

Our most popular existing services are consultation on new UK employment contracts, staff handbook and associated policies, employee benefits, holiday and sickness tracking and then the more generalist HR support which can encompass general advice to clients when they have an employee performance or conduct issue or perhaps an employee has raised a grievance against the company (or an employee within the company), disciplinary (including dismissal), redundancies, performance management etc.

We also deal with secondments (when an employee works in the UK on a temporary basis and retains their continuity of employment in the ‘home country’) and sponsorships (where we are company secretary for a client, we can help apply for the sponsorship licence and certificate of sponsorship) when needed by our clients. In both cases, we enlist the help of tax and immigration specialists to ensure we are carrying out work correctly and also allowing those qualified to give advice when it is legally required.

We have added three new services to our HR offering in 2018. Which are these services and why are we adding them to our offering now?

The new services we are adding to our HR offering are:

Performance and Reward where we consult with Companies to roll out a structured appraisal process where annual reviews and rewards given can be justified and fair

Harassment training which is essentially raising awareness with employees of what constitutes harassment

Disciplinary and Grievance handling training to help our clients be better equipped to handle these situations

These services cover support and training on issues and processes that we always have been able to offer, but perhaps our clients were not aware. However many of our clients have matured further in the UK and are now at a stage where they can think about implementing these new services to benefit their growing workforces. Regarding the harassment training, globally we feel that this is an important topic especially post the #metoo movement.

HR Services in the UK

How is UK HR practise different from Nordic HR practise?

Unless you look at certain industries (e.g. transport, construction, teaching etc.) the UK is mainly not a unionised environment. It is within reason easier to terminate employment in the UK in certain circumstances than in the Nordics. Employee benefits (statutory) in the UK tend to be more lean than in the Nordics, which always comes as a bit of a shock when we look at family policies and sickness.

What are the most common misunderstandings and underestimations when it comes to HR in the UK?

That when it comes to an employee having 2 years of service, you should already have started proceedings before you terminate an employee. This is probably one of the most common problems I face, clients approach me to tell me they have had ongoing performance or conduct issues (which have never been spoken about to the employee or addressed) and then are surprised when they need to start a process (or pay a sum of money). Also holiday accruals, that always needs to be explained a few times.

What competitive edge does it give Goodwille to offer HR services?

Goodwille have 21 years of experience of working with Nordic companies, but also we have a wealth of experience of working with Austrian, German and American clients too. We understand the culture and the commonly faced issues when it comes to legal challenges. We also offer other back office services within Goodwille, therefore if you are using our Payroll, Pension, Finance and Corporate Legal services, then it easy for us to ensure that we can serve you as an extension to your company and to give you as pain free an experience as possible.

Do you want to know more about how Jacqui and the rest of our People Management team can help you with everything relating to your UK employees? Check out our People Management offering and get in touch with Jacqui on if you have any questions. 

Meet Katy Jones

They say first impression is everything. That’s why here at Goodwille we aim to make our clients, visitors and colleagues to feel at home and welcomed. Our Office Assistant, Katy Jones, has an invaluable role in providing this experience for everyone. Her main responsibilities are dealing with requests from clients and colleagues and keeping the London office running smoothly, among many other tasks. So, whenever you call the Goodwille office or visit us in London, you are very likely to be served by Katy!

Get to know Katy a bit better and read what she likes about her job and what she’s dreaming about doing in the future.

What do you do at Goodwille?

I am an Office Assistant in the London office. My day to day is never the same. I deal with requests from clients and colleagues. My responsibilities include answering calls, handling posts, HR administrative tasks, cheque handling, among many other ad hoc tasks. Essentially my role is to keep the office running smoothly on a day-to-day basis.

How did you end up working at Goodwille?

Oh boy has it been an adventure! I graduated in 2015 with a degree in Sociology and I had no solid ideas as to what career path I wanted to go down. So, like many others, I moved to London to try and figure my life out. I worked in event marketing/sales for a few months but that was not for me. Then I moved on to work in customer service which was… let’s say, a character-building experience. I was ready for a challenge and for a more stable routine so here I am!

Using 3 words, how would you describe Goodwille?

Good for you.

What is the best and worst thing about your job?

The worst thing is answering phone calls. I struggled sometimes to understand different accents and it took me a while to get a hang of it.

The best thing about my job is that I get to work with so many different clients as well as getting an insight into every aspect of the company and what we do. Also, it helps that people in Goodwille are so welcoming, it makes it easy to come into work every day!

What do you like to do outside of work?

I love walking! On weekends you’ll find me either in Richmond Park, Lee Valley or Hampstead Heath, most likely with a Guide to British Birds (pocket size of course!) and my binoculars ready to go. If you know me you know that I live like a 60-year-old, no shame! Besides that, I enjoy travelling and eating or the combination of both!

If you had the world’s attention for 30 seconds, what would you say?

Oh! that would terrify me! I hate having the attention on me and public speaking just makes my heart drop. I guess I should probably use this moment to say something inspirational like ‘Be kind to one another’ but I would most likely just say ‘Hi, if anyone wants to fund my trip around the world it would be greatly appreciated!!’

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

Hmmm this is a toughie because I struggle to see myself in 1 year yet alone 10! I imagine I would be living in another country, somewhere near a beach preferably, travelling around the world more and hopefully living life to the fullest! The offer is still out there, anyone to fund my highlife lifestyle??

Lastly, tell us something no one knows about you…

I am half Chinese, half British. I grew up and lived in Malaysia for 18 years and only moved to the UK 6 years ago. Also, I have a slight American accent just to throw people off. This is because I watched a lot of Disney growing up, Lizzie McGuire was my inspiration (for you 90s kids out there).

Nordic Startup Awards announces Goodwille as a strategic UK partner

Press release 3 October 2018.

Clever Nordic businesses have spent the past five years battling it out to be crowned the Nordic Startup Awards, Startup of the Year. The Nordic Startup Awards maps, connects, promotes and celebrates the Nordic startup ecosystem, across all five countries, internally in the region as well as to the rest of the world.

NSAwards are excited to announce Goodwille as their strategic UK based Nordic Partner. Goodwille, whose roots are firmly tied to the Nordic countries have helped hundreds of tech businesses, including regional & national finalists of the Nordic Startup Awards, enter the UK market.

Kim Balle, Co-Founder & CEO of the Nordic Startup Awards says “It’s exciting to have Goodwille onboard as a Nordic Partner. Goodwille have an unrivalled track record of helping Nordic businesses with their expansion to the UK, and their experience will prove invaluable to our entrants and finalists”.

Nordic businesses often look to the UK when expanding outside of the region for the first time, and Goodwille have shared their vast experiences at London Tech Week, Oslo Innovation Week & later this year, SLUSH.

James Service, Marketing Manager of Goodwille says “We’ve been working closely with the Nordic startup scene for over two decades. This partnerships with the Nordic Startup Awards cements our position as the market leader in helping businesses from the Nordic region with their expansion to the UK.”

Over 2,500 companies were nominated for the Nordic Startup Awards in 2018, and the regional finalists received tens of thousands of nominations from across the Nordic countries.

With the five regional finals drawing to a close, the regional winners will battle it out at The Grand Finale in Copenhagen on the 30th October to win one of thirteen awards, including Founder of the Year, Best Accelerator or Incubator & Startup of the Year.

Press Contacts

Kim Balle, Co-Founder & CEO, Nordic Startup Awards

James Service, Marketing Manager, Goodwille

We’re recruiting – Financial Controller

Goodwille is a forward-thinking, ambitious company dedicated to providing foreign businesses with the kind of professional services required to establish themselves and flourish in the UK. These include Corporate Legal, Finance, People Management, Payroll & Virtual Offices.

We are currently looking for an aspiring finance professional, preferably fluent in a Nordic language, to join our talented Finance team as a Financial Controller.

You will be responsible for
• your own portfolio of international clients
• day-to-day financial control support to your clients
• producing a number of weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly reports on behalf of your clients
• control over cash flow, preparation of accounts for audits, assist accountants with year-end work, and compile VAT returns and EC Sales Lists
• some task supervision but this is a hands on role with you being responsible for maintaining quality standards

Reporting to the Senior Financial Controller and primarily working with your colleagues in the Finance team, you will also find yourself liaising with all other departments, such as HR, Payroll and Company Secretarial departments on a regular basis, attending frequent team, company and client meetings.

Having, or working towards, an accountancy qualification is a prerequisite, as well as the kind of excellent communication and customer focus skills that will allow you to explain financial information to the team and, more importantly, your clients at all levels. An excellent working knowledge of accounting software and Microsoft office (particularly excel) are essential. International or cross border experience would be an advantage.

In joining us, you will become part of a modern, forward-thinking and inclusive organisation, capable of offering a stimulating environment in which to accelerate your career in finance and accounting.

This is your chance to join #TeamGoodwille – check us out on Instagram. When you join Goodwille you get access to a whole range of employee benefits, all designed to ensure an enjoyable work/life balance. Some benefits for all employees include:

  • Office fruit every week
  • Employee perks, rewards & benefits including discounts on supermarkets (Sainsbury’s, Tesco etc.) high street stores (Topshop, John Lewis etc.) & gyms
  • Complimentary phone insurance, as we know how important it is to stay connected
  • Access to the well-being & lifestyle platform, including eating advice, exercise routines and yoga videos
  • Generous social budget for team lunches, parties and for you to hang out with colleagues.

Job type: Permanent, full time
Location: Kensington, West London
Salary: Depending on experience/skill set

If you like the sound of this vacancy and all the features and benefits you get by being part of a team like Goodwille, then please contact

#DOITFOROTHERS – Goodwille launches internal CSR & Charity initiative

On Monday 1 October, Goodwille launched its new Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Charity initiative #DOITFOROTHERS. The aim of the initiative is to raise awareness and funds for Good Causes. We are committed to making a difference in our society and give something back to the communities where we live and work. Doing good is in our DNA (and our name!) and that’s why we deliver a variety of different fundraising opportunities by organising events and making financial contributions to support local and national campaigns and charities.Through our internal CSR group, we raise awareness and funds for those who need it most, whilst having fun along the way. We actively encourage our team to get involved in these activities, to organise their own events and take time to give back to charitable causes.

By raising awareness and money for good causes, we hope to inspire our clients, partners and wider network to also get involved and #doitforothers. Follow Goodwille on Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter to get the latest information on our upcoming charity events and the opportunities YOU can take part in. You can also read about the next Charity events we are taking part in below.

Good perks for Team Goodwille

To show our commitment to doing good, we have introduced two new charity-related employee perks for Team Goodwille. These perks include:

Matching Donations – For all funds raised for good causes by the team, Goodwille match the money.

Charity Day – each employee gets one extra day’s leave per year to support charities close to their hearts.

Upcoming charity events

We are working to make volunteering easy and want to invite everyone – colleagues, clients and partners – to join us in doing good. To show support for issues and causes close to our hearts, we’re partaking in several charity campaigns this autumn.


On 28 September, before the official launch of Goodwille’s CSR initiative, both Goodwille Offices took part in The World Biggest Coffee Morning by hosting coffee morning open to the public to raise money for Macmillan Cancer Support.


On 19 October we will Wear it Pink to show our support for those affected by breast cancer. Wear It Pink is a fundraising event for breast cancer research, initiated by the UK’s largest breast cancer research charity Breast Cancer Now.


November is dedicated to raising awareness for men’s health issues! Throughout the whole month, we’re growing our Mos to support Movember. Starting with a clean shave on 1 November, we hope that the Good Growth of our facial hair will raise awareness and inspire donations for men’s health. Follow the progress and root for your favourite moustache on our social channels, and please help us raise money for Movember Foundation here!

Between 8-14 November, the campaign Wrap Up London runs at several major London underground stations. Donate old or unwanted coats and help those that can’t afford winter clothes to wrap up and stay warm this winter. Give a coat, warm a heart – help keep vulnerable people warm this winter by donating a coat this November!


Want to read more about how Goodwille support charities and the activities we get involved in to raise money for good causes? Check out our Charity Page.

Changes to Childcare Vouchers

There will be changes to childcare vouchers from 4 October this year. The government’s decision to close the childcare voucher scheme was announced in March 2018, and following a 6-month extension of the scheme, as of now the Childcare Voucher scheme is due to close to new entrants on 4 October. This means you need to make sure to join a childcare voucher scheme on or before this date to offer your employees childcare vouchers as an attractive employee benefit.

Childcare vouchers

Childcare vouchers are an employee benefit offered by employers to help with approved childcare costs, for example a staff nursery. Employees can take up to £55 a week of their wages as childcare vouchers, which they don’t pay tax or National Insurance on. Per year, this adds up to around £1,000 that each parent can save on childcare costs. For businesses – offering childcare vouchers instead of offering to cover childcare costs for your employees can save the company up to £402 per year per parent.

Changes to childcare vouchers

On 4 October 2018, childcare voucher schemes will close to new applicants. This means that employers who want to offer their employees childcare vouchers as an employee benefit must join a childcare voucher scheme and have the relevant salary sacrifice arrangements in place before the first payday before this date. For employers paying their employees by the end of each month, it means that you have to join a scheme and make arrangement with your employees before you run your September payroll.

The changes only apply to new applicants, and will not have an effect on companies and employees already registered on a scheme. Employees of companies who join the childcare voucher scheme before 4 October can keep getting vouchers as long as they stay with the same employer and the employer continues to run the scheme, and they don’t take an unpaid career break of longer than a year.

Offering benefit schemes such as childcare vouchers is a way to attract employees, as it can cover living costs without incurring any tax for the employee. It can also save your business money, so it’s worth having a look at joining a childcare voucher scheme now before it is too late!

Goodwille can guide you through the changes to childcare vouchers and the effects this might have on you, your employees and your business. We can also help you with joining a childcare voucher scheme, and other employee benefit schemes, as well as give instructions on what YOU can do to put pressure on the government to keep the childcare voucher scheme.
Get in touch with us today if you want to know more.

Oslo Innovation Week 2018

Oslo Innovation Week is getting closer and so is our event The world is ready for Norwegian tech (but are you ready fore the world?)! Join us at Oslo House of Innovation on 25 September for all the tips and advice you need to take your tech business to the next level! We have a great lineup of speakers covering everything tech startups need to know to conquer the world – from hiring for scale-up and winning PR tricks, to raising investment and getting up to speed quickly in new markets. And speaking of speakers, we have some great news to share!

We are happy and excited to announce that we have added Alliance Venture to the list of speakers at the event! Being the leading early stage investor in Norway, Alliance Ventures bring insights on what’s cooking on the Norwegian tech scene, opportunity in international markets (and where to go) and what to think about when raising investment for your startup. A great addition to the mix of advice on how to make a Norwegian startup an international success that startups attending the event can expect!

Tickets are free for tech businesses but you need to sign up to attend. Click HERE to get to the event sign up.

About the event

The event targets Norwegian Tech businesses that are ready to expand  to international markets. It will be an interactive seminar with speakers responsible for helping some of Norway’s fastest growing tech businesses tap in to & scale up in international markets, providing you with all the insights you need to take the big leap. We will also hear the success story of a Norwegian startup and advice from someone who has done the full journey and succeeded.

The seminar is followed by a networking session where you will get the chance to mingle with the speakers, like-minded entrepreneurs, people and businesses that have already made the journey, as well as experts that can advice you on what to think about when taking your businesses onto the international arena. We will also offer 1-2-1 sessions with all speakers for those interested!


360 Leaders – Learn about the importance of building the right company culture and getting the right people when going from startup to scaleup and expanding into new areas. 360 Leaders is a market-leading executive search firm that provides leadership talent to the world’s most innovative tech companies, including Apple, Facebook, iZettle and Schibsted Media Group.

Alliance Venture – Scaling your business and expanding to new markets can be costly. Venture Capital firm Alliance Venture is the leading early stage investor in Norway that invest in tech companies with global potential and work with them to expand internationally. They will talk about the exciting tech scene in Norway and how to leverage that in international markets, what they as investors see as the hottest tech right now and what they look for in companies they invest in.

Deliberate PR – As a small, Nordic business ready to take on the world, you need to showcase to potential investors, strategic partners, employees, and users what makes you unique and scalable. Deliberate PR helps Nordic startups make the news with creative strategies and clever news themes. They will speak about how you can use news to your advantage and show examples of how they have created PR campaigns that helped Nordic startups succeed around the world.

No Isolation – With the help of Deliberate PR, Norwegian startup No Isolation made a huge buzz in the media as part of their UK launch campaign. They will share their amazing story and the decision to expand internationally early on, and provide both inspiration and advice on expanding abroad from Norway.

Goodwille & Escalon – The co-hosts of the event! Together we’ve helped businesses from Norway expand into the UK & US markets for decades. We will share our insights and tips on how to get to market quickly, and the opportunities in the UK and US markets for Norwegian businesses.

Events details
Date: Tuesday 25 September 2018
Time: 10am-1pm
Location: Oslo House of Innovation (OHOI), 4th floor, Skippergata 22, 0154 Sentrum, Oslo, Norway
Tickets: Grab your ticket HERE!

About Oslo Innovation Week

Oslo Innovation Week is an annual happening inviting people from all around the world to Norway’s capital city for conferences, talks, pitching, workshops and networking with like-minded, change-driven corporates, entrepreneurs, startups and organisations. 2018’s edition in the 13th Oslo Innovation Week around, this year held between 24-28 September. Oslo Innovation Week is owned by the City of Oslo and Innovation Norway, with Oslo Business Region as project manager. Check out the full programme for OIW 2018 on

Meet James Service

Our Marketing Manager James Service is more than just a Marketing Manager. Besides marketing activities and reaching out a helping hand to businesses thinking about starting up in the UK, he is involved with most aspects of the business, which he knows inside out as he has been with Goodwille all his working life.

James spared us a few moments in between speaking to foreign businesses about doing business in the UK, organising social activities for Team Goodwille and chilling in the bean bags to answer some questions about what makes Goodwille a good place to work and what it’s really like to work with a bunch of Scandis…

What do you do at Goodwille?

I’m the Marketing Manager at Goodwille and it’s my job to make sure people find us, remember us & choose us when they are searching for the thrilling topic of outsourced business services in the UK. My unofficial job here is social klubb lead, table football champion & beanbag officer. (I’ve lost the table football champion title, but I’m clinging on to the other three fulltime positions.)

What is your background and how did you end up at Goodwille?

I studied Geography at University with a focus on conservation & the natural world, and worked part-time at ‘Enlink’. Many older clients & partners will remember Enlink which was started by my oldest sister, Kate. It was meant to be a part time stopgap which I didn’t have to go for interview for. Where most people spent time having fun at university I spent mine working late and putting paperwork in numerical order. Goodwille ultimately acquired Enlink (and my soul) about seven years ago, and here I am, still clinging on without ever being interviewed. Maybe I’m doing something right, or maybe they just haven’t noticed I’m still here.

You have been with Goodwille for 11 years, what made you stay this long?

I’ve moved around a bit whilst I’ve been here, from Office Assistant, Client Support, Marketing Executive to Marketing Manager. The job gives me responsibility, the opportunity to try out my ideas and have fun. I hear about people who dread going to work, and I’m glad that’s not me <insert standard comment from colleagues saying that’s because you do nothing>. Some people think they have it tough until they change jobs, and realise the grass is rarely greener.  I’d hate to work for some stiff corporate where I have to wear polished shoes and a tie every day to work, that’s not me and that’s not Goodwille.

As a Brit working in a company strongly influenced by the Nordics, what have been the most fun/enjoyable and most difficult things to get used to?

I like Nordic people, they’re a lot friendlier than us Brits. I think Goodwille is increasingly influenced by the Nordic startup feel that many companies have, where the people are at the core of the business. I really like that. One thing I’ve found difficult though is trying to understand their love of Rye bread. I’m concerned these people don’t have Warburtons in their life, now that’s real bread….

Best and worst thing about your job?

I love the variety my job offers, the people I get to work with, the team spirit and fun that we all have along the way. I love winning new business for Goodwille. Nothing gives me a greater sense of achievement than when a company joins us off the back of the teams marketing activities. The worst thing about the job is probably organising events. They always go well, but I can’t relax and enjoy them. I spend so much time running through every micro detail in my head beforehand. That’s stress I don’t need in my life.

Tell us something most people don’t know about you!

I read the Daily Mail every day and I take what I read as gospel. Their love of fake news isn’t helping anyone, but it’s fun and more interesting than the broadsheets even if it’s not real. I’m sorry!  On a separate note I can be a bit obsessive. I find a new hobby, buy all the gear and then I’m bored of it a month later – I’m talking fishing, walking, scuba diving, stamp collecting. I think I’m old before my time. My current obsession is growing my own vegetables, lets see how long the fad lasts.

Will you be around at Goodwille for another 11 years?

Who knows what the future holds, but I’ll be part of the furniture by then. It’s scary to think it’s been my entire working life so far. With the direction the company is going, and the ideas and mentality new blood is bringing to the company I hope I am. That said, the dream was to be working with turtles in Costa Rica. I’m sure that step in my career is just around the corner, should the works lottery syndicate ever actually come off.

Describe yourself in 3 words!

Last one standing.


7 quick questions – did working at Goodwille affect your Britishness?

Victoria sponge or kanelbullar?
Victoria Sponge..

Go hiking or go to the pub?
I’d probably say go hiking, and then go to the pub after.

Sauna the Finnish way or Afternoon tea?
I’ve heard weird things about them Finnish sauna’s, I’m taking the afternoon tea.

Bangers & mash or wurst & sauerkraut?
Bangers & mash, I’m British!

Invite people over for a home-cooked meal or eat out at a restaurant?
Invite people over! I like entertaining. I’m the always the organiser and host.

Crisps or pick & mix?
Pick & Mix, sweet stuff over savoury all day long.

Salty liquorice – Yay or Nay?
Yay, for sure.