Scaling for Success – Unlock your UK potential

Goodwille hosted together with Nordic Startup Awards and Pleo the webinar “Scaling for Success” with the aims to inform high growth Nordic startups and founders on how to take their first step into one of the world’s biggest economies, the United Kingdom. The speakers wereKevin Rutter, CFO of Goodwille, Jacqui Brown, HR Manager, Goodwille, Kim Balle, CEO & Co-Founder of Nordic Startup Awards and Eoin O’Liathain, Sales Director at Pleo. 

Watch the video recording here or read the key points below:

How long is the process of expanding to the UK?

Goodwille shared their insights as to what companies can expect when thinking of expanding to the UK. They covered questions on timeframes, costs and hiring talent during the expansion process. You can read more about everything you need to know when starting a business in the UK here, and how Goodwille can help you make the transition smoother here.

Brexit and expanding to the UK?

The UK formally left the EU on 31 January 2020, the Transition Period began immediately after and is due to end on 31 December 2020. There remains a lot of uncertainty on what will follow after Brexit but there are some things companies can start preparing for;

  • GDPR and Data Privacy
  • Movements of Goods
  • Movements of People

Pleo expanding to the UK

Pleo chose to expand to the UK because of the great market opportunity the UK has to offer. There is no language barrier between the Brits and the Danes and it was easy to utilise their Nordic resources to do work in the UK. Pleo set up an expansion team and started flying back and forth between London and Copenhagen every week taking “every small opportunity, meeting or sale and treated it as a great success. “

Is a Nordic company attractive for the UK marketplace?

Pleo made sure they leveraged their Scandinavian brand & history. A lot of international markets idolise the Nordics as a futuristic market with excellent design, and good quality products and services, which can be highly attractive to businesses entering a new market.  

Strategic positioning when entering a new market

Further advice from Pleo is to leverage your strategic positioning as much as possible by distinguishing the whole company in a valuable way from competitions and deliver value to specific customer segments. By differentiating their solution from others helped Pleo a great deal to their value proposition. 

Hiring the right talent when scaling in the UK

After six months of continuous travel between the UK and Denmark, Pleo started to scale and rented an office in a co-working space. A lesson learned during the scaling process was hiring the right talent.

It is easy to find talented people in the UK, that perhaps also speaks a Nordic language. However, accordingly, to Eoin O’Liathain, it’s crucial to find a talent who knows the UK market and culture.

The UK is now the largest market by revenue for Pleo. They have their own office in Shoreditch, London with 28 employees and over 4000 customers. 

To find out more on how Goodwille can help you enter, grow and scale in the UK, please contact 

Expanding to the UK – Oslo Innovation Week: Breaking Borders

Goodwille hosted a virtual event at Oslo Innovation Week 2020. We invited expert panellists to an interactive panel discussion covering their experiences and challenges of expanding to the UK. The panellists were Øyvind Reed, CEO of Whereby, Vinoth Vinaya, CEO and Co-Founder of Hold, Karen Klakegg, Director of People & Culture at Attensi, Frida Rustøen, Investment Manager at Idekapital Fund and Vegard K. Strand, Project Leader and Co-Founder of UT Prosjektet. Watch the full recording of the event and read some key takeaways below.

Why expand to the UK?

Businesses choose to set up in the UK for many reasons, three of the key reasons are to find new customers, raise investment or source new talent. 

Things to think about when expanding to the UK

It’s important to have local “feet on the ground” when expanding to the UK, someone who knows the culture, have an extensive network and is speaking the local language. The UK is often a relationship market and therefore someone who has knowledge of the market and a network to use is a great benefit. Vegard K. Strand explains that is crucial to have an “offensive” salesperson when selling in the UK, in Norway, for example, an offensive salesperson is not the same as a British one. In Norway, people are more laid back and have a “no bragging” attitude in the back of their mind and that can affect the success rate of the expansion. 

Frida Rustoen explains the importance of having a strong core team when scaling or expanding a business. Having an exceptional product is one thing, but having the right team behind it is equally as important.

Culture and hiring the right talent when setting up in the UK

A lot of companies now seem to have a more laid-back company culture with ping pong tables and flexible working hours. A Nordic company with Nordic values is a very attractive employer in the UK. It is known to have less hierarchy, more transparency and trust which is attractive for millennials and generationX.

It’s vital to keep a strong culture in the company when hiring new talent overseas. This will help attract the best and most suitable new talent. After finding the right talent founders and the core staff need to translate the culture and build an internal hunger for the new staff. Karen Klakegg explains that the most important thing in terms of retaining the company culture is to have an extensive onboarding practise with a lot of effort in the pre-boarding and onboarding and continued training yearly for all employees. 

Oyvind Reed shares that company culture is something dynamic, an organisation should absorb new culture and influences from new staff to always improve and get new insights. Often companies forget how important it is for an external person, outside the company’s bubble to share views on different aspects of the company. 

Research the market before expanding internationally

Frida Rustoen shares the importance of asking for help and to do extensive research before entering a new market. Even the location to open an office in is important. Many companies decide to open offices in glamorous places like London, New York or San Francisco but for some businesses and sectors, it could be better to set up in other locations outside the Metropol.

Many companies make the mistake in thinking that the world now is a place with global behaviours and that the UK and the Nordics aren’t that different. Kyrre Haugen from the Norwegian Chamber of Commerce explains that the UK is a dynamic market, and the approach and efforts in London are not the same as in other parts of the UK. He shares the need to research on a regional and sector basis to be able to get the most of the marketing and sales efforts when setting up in the UK. 

Vegard K Strand agrees that is vital for companies to take all the help they can from different service providers like Goodwille, the Chambers of Commerce and Department of Trade so the UK subsidiary can focus on their core business.  For us at Goodwille, it’s always interesting to hear the good and bad experiences of companies expansion internationally. To find out more about establishing your business in the UK and how we can help, do not hesitate to contact us. Read more about our services here

Differences between German and British Work Culture

German & UK Flag

It’s not uncommon to hear Germans being highly regarded around the world for their workplace and office efficiency. British stereotypes, however, remain based in caution and class structured hierarchies. Despite knowing that stereotypes never truly match up to the reality, it is true that German workers are more productive than the rest of their European neighbours, while still taking more sick days and holidays, especially in comparison to British workers.
life and work balance

A better work-life balance?

One of the reasons that this may be the case is supposedly due to Germany’s better understanding of a work-life balance. By truly finding that sweet spot between work and play, Germans can be far more productive within the office, while also unwinding and relaxing more efficiently.

Lots of references to this balance can be found in German vernacular. ‘Brückentage’, or ‘bridge days’, is a common German adage which means to take time off around bank holidays, where most workers will take an extra day or two off work in order to refuel, preparing themselves mentally for the work ahead. Another common German expression is ‘Erst die Arbeit, dann das Vergnügen!’, meaning ‘first work, then pleasure’. While there are similar phrases within English, they are not often heard, and even more uncommonly stuck to. As such, there seems to be an ingrained culture within Germany of working first and then focusing on relaxing, all while understanding that taking time to recharge will help you be more productive in the future.
sick woman distracted from work

Sick Leave

There is a trend (or there used to be) within British office workers to come to work, even when they are ill, and to downplay any sickness in front of management. While this does lead to more time in the office, it has serious negative effects on productivity and creates the risk of illnesses passing between colleagues. However, in Germany, there is a strong feeling that if you are sick you should stay at home – ‘Wenn man krank ist ist man krank’, translating as ‘when you are sick, you are sick’.

Not only does this mentality protect other office works, but it also allows the individual to rest and recover properly, meaning they are fit for work and more productive in a shorter space of time.

This, of course, doesn’t apply to how COVID 19 has been handled within the UK work environment.

Are You Looking to Expand Your Business From Germany to the UK?

Understanding the differences between office and business cultures is crucial in whether an international expansion is successful or not. At Goodwille, we pride ourselves on helping new companies establish themselves in the UK market, set up a subsidiary or register a branch, and offering advice and services to ensure that your business flourishes in the United Kingdom. For more information about how we can help you, get in touch with us today.

Canute – helping start-ups to scale in the UK

Canute is a three-day intensive programme taking place every year across different international hubs – London, New York, Stockholm and Berlin. From pitching sessions to networking with fellow entrepreneurs, the programme is designed to give Danish scale ups a kick-start in their journey to international markets.

Once again, Goodwille was invited to be a part of the program. Our CEO Alexander Goodwille, joined other market experts in the “Legal and Financial Setup in the UK” session, giving his advice on what the startups should focus on – their core value and market entry strategy.

For this years’ edition, eight tech startups ranging from various industries including everything from fashion to health tech, participated in the programme. “It is always interesting to see what new businesses are coming through and the problems they are trying to solve. In turn, they are coming across secondary problems that give me valuable insights into services and solutions we can provide through Goodwille – some we do already, and others we can create in the future”, says CEO Alexander Goodwille.

Canute programme was first launched in 2017 and since then, over 50 Danish tech companies have taken part in it. The comprehensive three-day programme gives attending startups a well-rounded picture of the UK market including fundraising, accelerator programmes, storytelling and best practices as well as possible challenges when breaking into the UK market. A truly valuable part of the programme is to hear first-hand experiences, advice and success stories from seasoned Danish entrepreneurs who have successfully launched their company in the UK.

Apart from Canute, Goodwille partners with numerous initiatives supporting European startups, including SUP46 and the Nordic Startup Awards. At Goodwille, we take pride in the complete stack of professional services, experience and expertise we can offer to the startup community when setting up their business in the UK.

Go virtual – how a virtual office can support the success of your UK business

International expansion is the goal of many businesses and while launching your business in a new marketplace is very exciting, it’s critical that you spend your time doing the things that bring value to your business. For companies, and startups in particular, the most important resources you have to play with for the new market launch is time and money. A virtual office solution is one of the many ways in which you can reduce your costs, and save yourself time, so you can’t afford NOT to consider it when you are starting a UK business.

What is a virtual office?

A virtual office is a cost-effective solution for creating a UK presence without renting a physical office space and employing office staff. It provides all the benefits of your own office space, but for a fraction of the cost. You might disregard these tasks as trivial, but they really can eat your time and be a distraction from the activities you should be focusing on to grow your business.

Virtual office solutions can cover a range of different services. Some of the most common virtual office services include:

  • Telephone answering
  • Post handling
  • Customer support
  • Meeting room hire

How can a virtual office support the success of you UK business?

A virtual office brings several benefits and could increase the chances of your success in the UK market. Here are some of the main reasons our clients choose to use a virtual office solution to ensure their UK business thrives.

Focus on your core strength

A virtual office gives small businesses that are entering the UK market access to the support functions needed to run the business operations without having to employ someone to do it. When you establish in a new market and only have a few employees you need them to add direct value, at all times, and contribute to growing the business. A virtual office is a great solution to maximise your resources before the business warrants creating a permanent job for tasks like answering the phone and other administrative tasks.


Finding the perfect office takes time, especially in London where office rents are exceptionally high. Jump too soon and you might find yourself caught up with an expensive lease that is not fit for your longer-term growth plan. And even if the goal is of course a successful UK expansion, unforeseen situations can occur that might result in that you want to exit the market.

It’s just simply not worth risking the cost and investment for an office when you just start out in a market, as your key to a successful market launch is flexibility. A virtual office gives you just that – flexibility, while at the same time offering all the benefits and processes needed to give you a head start on the UK market.

A good impression

But a virtual office also offers another very important advantage for companies operating in UK– it gives the impression of an established and more serious presence in the UK. Business is all about relationships and a UK phone number and address gives you credibility as a business as it shows commitment to the market.

A UK presence sends an important message to potential clients and suppliers. Just think for yourself –would you rather do business with a company that is in the same country, or someone who is elsewhere in the world (and likely a different time zone).

So is a Virtual Office only for companies launching on the UK market?

Not necessarily! Businesses of any size and at any stage of growth can reap the benefits from using a virtual office solution. It all depends on your business’ needs and what services you require. Virtual office services provide the flexibility to grow with your business while always maintaining a high level of professionalism, so it’s an excellent solution also for scaling businesses. By outsourcing your non-core business activities, you give yourself more time to focus on growing your business, regardless if you are just starting out or if you are more established on the UK market.

So as you can see, a virtual office solution gives you both a better chance at impressing potential clients, as well as more time and money on your hands. If you are just starting up in the UK and want your UK business to get a head start without involving too much risk and capital, or if you are a more established business that want to streamline your operations and maximise resources, then a virtual office is definitely something you should consider.

Goodwille’s Virtual Office service, available in both London & Warwick, provides you with a selection of services to suit your needs at any stage of your business’ growth. Read more about our Virtual Office services here or contact our Front of House Manager Evy Rune to find out how we can help create a UK presence for your business.

Three things to consider before joining the UK market

If your business has been successful in your home country and your services and products have also received some interest from UK consumers, congratulations! However, before setting up an office in a foreign country, ensure you consider all aspects. Here are three questions to ask yourself before entering the UK market.

What are your objectives and why the UK?

Goal setting and having clear objectives must be a priority for every business to be successful, but especially when entering a new market. You will need to know how your business is currently operating and ask yourself some key questions:

• What are my long-term and short-term goals?
• How does my business compare to others in the UK market?
• What are my business’ current profit margins?

Next, you need to ask yourself how the UK helps you achieve these. The final decision to open a UK office should hinge on how well it meets the key objectives of your overall business plan and not on specific factors in isolation such as tax, employment conditions and legal aspects.

Of course, while achieving business objectives is paramount, you also need to consider where in the UK would best meet your needs. While London may seem the obvious choice, other major cities such as Manchester, Aberdeen and Cambridge might pose specific benefits for your business’ skills niche or industry.

What type of entity do you need?

Deciding what business entity you will operate under is not to be taken lightly as it can have implications both in the short term and the long term, particularly with regards legal aspects such as paying tax, sharing out profits, making company decisions and liabilities.

The three most common ways foreign investors set up a UK company include:

I. Registering as a UK establishment – commonly referred to as a UK branch

II. Incorporating a UK subsidiary, where the most common is a private limited company

III. Incorporating a limited liability partnership

Finding the most suitable business entity may require expert help, and seeking advice from an expert can be very useful. An adviser with experience of helping companies setup in the UK can help you make the decision by asking all the relevant questions. Before you make the decision of the type of business entity, we recommend considering the below aspects with your adviser;

• The business’ nature and likelihood of prosperity in the UK
• The period you expect to be in the UK
• The challenges that you might face in establishing your business in the UK
• Administrative costs and disclosure requirements
• Tax implications

What legal implications will you face?

Next, you will have to deal with the legal side of things. The business entity you have chosen will determine your duties and responsibilities. In either case, you will have to register your business with Companies House and with HMRC, the UK tax Authority. In addition to this you will also have to factor in the necessary time for completing all the required registrations and paperwork before you can legally start trading in the UK.

Once you have considered the above and decided to enter the UK market, you will be in a position to enjoy the many benefits that the UK has to offer, including good infrastructure, specialist skills bases, a healthy business environment and a diverse yet skilled workforce. If you need advice on how to set up a UK company, you should speak to the experts at Goodwille. We can advice on the most suitable business entity to your business and your legal responsibilities in the UK. Read more about our Corporate Legal services or contact us today for more information.

UK Investment Support Directory

Goodwille is one of the best service providers to support inward investment to the UK!

Department for International Trade (DIT) launched the UK Investment Support Directory in May 2019, to help overseas businesses with finding the right support when setting up or expanding in the UK. We are honoured to announce that Goodwille is one of the UK specialist firms listed in the Directory as experts in helping foreign businesses establish on the UK market!

About the UK Investment Support Directory

The UK Investment Support Directory is a collection of companies with skills and experience in helping overseas businesses establish or expand in the UK. The Directory includes service providers carefully selected by DIT based on their experience and expertise in the UK marketplace.

The aim of the Directory is to provide a link between foreign businesses and local experts; it helps overseas businesses to find the most appropriate local support by listing UK service providers by industry and experience, all in one place. If you need specialist advice within a specific sector or with specific language skills, the Directory makes it easy for you to find British businesses with just the expertise and experience you are looking for!

Goodwille is in a good position to assist foreign businesses with navigating the UK market. We have over 20 years of experience helping businesses mainly from the Nordics to set up an run successful UK operations. With clients ranging from tech startups to retail chains, we are well equipped to support businesses in any sector.

On our Business Profile Page you can read more about the services we provide for overseas companies thinking about expanding to the UK, as well as some examples of companies we have helped to achieve UK success.

The full UK Investment Support Directory is accessible on DIT’s website.

Are you looking to set up or expand your business in the UK? Contact Goodwille today to hear more about how we have helped over 1,800 businesses set up and run a successful UK operation. We are happy to share our experience and help businesses from abroad off to a flying start in the UK!

Goodwille Joins the Regional Jury for Nordic Startup Awards

Press release 13 May 2019

Following a successful first year, Goodwille are excited to announce that they have strengthened their strategic partnership with Nordic Startup Awards (NSAwards), and joined the Regional Jury for the NSAwards Grand Finale 2019.

For the 6th year running, the NSAwards will be recognising the individuals, startups and ecosystem supporters that contribute to the boiling hot Nordic startup scene. The prestigious startup competition and events series culminates in the Grand Finale that not only celebrates and showcases the great achievements in the region, but also provides the network and connections to go further. The winners of the Nordic Grand Finale will compete in the Global Finale to be crowned the best talents of the global startup ecosystem in 2019.

Kim Balle, Co-Founder & CEO of the Nordic Startup Awards says “We’re very pleased to have Goodwille on the Regional Jury this year. Their experience helping Nordic businesses to get a foothold in the UK where many Nordic startups begin their international expansion makes them a great addition to the jury, as they know what the world outside the Nordic region is looking for in startups”.

Goodwille has vast experience helping startups and tech businesses, including previous NSAwards nominees and winners, with expanding to the UK from the Nordics. Goodwille first became a Nordic Partner to the NSAwards in 2018 to strengthen their position as the leader in helping businesses from the Nordic region with their expansion to the UK.

James Service, Marketing Manager of Goodwille says “We’re excited to continue our partnership with NSAwards and to offer our support to Nordic startups with the ambition to expand globally. We’re proud to share our experience of helping startups and tech businesses establish in the UK and provide invaluable insight to what’s needed to succeed internationally”.

Show your support for the actors that will shape our future – nominate your startup superhero to Nordic Startup Awards 2019! The national nominations for NSAwards open mid-May and the nomination deadline is 26th August. Seize the opportunity to apply yourself or nominate the individuals, startups and ecosystem supporters that you think deserve it the most.

CLICK HERE to get to the nomination page – and remember! Anyone can nominate anyone in any category, so spread the love and may be the best ones win!

Press Contacts

Kim Balle, Co-Founder & CEO, Nordic Startup Awards

James Service, Marketing Manager, Goodwille

Goodwille sponsors London Bootcamp

Sweden is great at producing innovative startups, many that have grown to become unicorns! The international opportunity is great for Swedish startups, if only they dare to take the leap!

Goodwille, who has supported Swedish tech businesses like iZettle, Readly and Tobii in the UK, have a special love for Swedish startups with the ambition to conquer the world outside the homeland. That’s why we are happy to sponsor London Bootcamp that gives selected Swedish startups the boost they need to take the step!

About London Bootcamp, Tech Forum and Tech Fest

London Bootcamp is a newly introduced accelerator programme for Swedish startups, organised by the Swedish Chamber of Commerce for the UK and the Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth (Tillväxtverket). The one-week programme takes place in London, Europe’s hotbed for startups and tech businesses, and coincides with London Tech Week. It offers selected startups the opportunity to learn everything the need to know about scaling up their business.

London is one of the top destinations for ambitious and innovative Swedish startups that want to expand internationally. The tech delegation of startups will during London Bootcamp meet with leading experts in scaling tech businesses. Goodwille, with vast experience helping Swedish businesses establish in the UK, will share our best tips for UK success. Our session presents the typical journey for setting up in the UK and the options, risks and costs associated with expanding to the UK. We will reveal common pitfalls to avoid, key success factors and the practical steps necessary to launch in the UK. The startups will leave with hands-on advice and be better equipped to tackle an international scaleup.

The Bootcamp culminates in Tech Forum, this year themed ‘Scaling future technologies’ held at Google’s UK HQ on Thursday 13th June. Tech Forum invites startups, investors and anyone with an interest in tech to come together to discuss what defines disruptive technologies. The Forum is succeeded by Tech Fest, offering excellent networking opportunities while overlooking London from Google UK’s rooftop, where the Bootcamp participants get to pitch to leading tech experts and investors.

If you are not one of the lucky startups to participate in London Bootcamp, you should definitely join the Tech Forum and Tech Fest! It will, without a doubt, be one of the highlights of London Tech Week 2019!

Read more about London Bootcamp and the events here.

Britain will always be open for business: Alexander’s 5 tips to secure UK success

This is an advertorial by Goodwille, originally posted in The Link Magazine April 2019 issued by the Swedish Chamber of Commerce for the UK. Read the magazine here.

Goodwille, a Patron of the Swedish Chamber, have been helping Swedish businesses with their expansion to the UK for over 20 years. Alexander Goodwille, who recently celebrated his second year as CEO, shares his top 5 tips to give you the best chance at UK success.

1. Pitching your products and services

No matter how many times you’ve successfully sold your products and services in your home country, your pitch needs to be tailored to meet local standards when you enter a new market. In some cases, a few minor tweaks to your content or format may be all that’s required. However, in some cases, a total overhaul might be necessary to reach your target market. When researching the UK market, be sure to look at potential changes to your pitching early so that you are well-prepared and not taken by surprise by cultural differences.

2. Build on previous successes

If your product or service has been successful in Sweden, there’s no reason to think that it will not achieve similar or even greater heights following your UK expansion. In fact, the more success you have had at ‘home’, the more likely you are to succeed in a new location. Remember that the UK market is highly competitive, so be sure to capitalise on your successful track record as it will make your UK pitch much stronger.

3. Choose the right location

The location that you choose for your new UK office is very important to your success. There are a number of factors to consider, including whether your business is sales or product driven. You must also research potential talent pools, since recruiting the right staff will be essential to the success of your new venture.

Ease of travel by road, rail and air are also important aspects of your location to consider, especially if you are intending to commute regularly from Sweden. Logistics are also important if you have a product to distribute, and locating your business somewhere central to the main motorway network may also be something that is important from both a practical and costings perspective.

There are often government grants available, designed to attract businesses to certain regions, so it can be worth looking at cities other than London.

4. Make sure you’re ready, not just wanting

International expansion is a noble goal, but you can’t hope to succeed unless your business is sorted at the local level. It’s not just about ensuring you have the funds to cover expansion either. Growing your business into new markets will take a lot of your time and focus. Unresolved problems in your local marketplace will inevitably interrupt your dedication and expansion plans. If the problems are serious, it could even hamper the success of your expansion, so make sure you have a firm footing before you leap.

5. Do your research & ask for help

It’s beyond important that you invest as much time as possible to understand your intended marketplace. It sounds obvious, but the expansion process can be easily stalled by unexpected issues.

Learn how the UK market operates and what it requires. Not only will it make your entry as seamless as possible, it will also give you the best possible chance to achieve success in the long run. Consider every aspect of your operation from supply, through delivery, and into customer aftercare.

Make sure you spend enough time in the UK and get to know the new market properly. Do not underestimate the importance of local partners, like Goodwille, that can guide you through local regulations and introduce you to the right people!

To find out more about how Goodwille can support you with your UK expansion, or existing UK operation, please contact me directly on

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