Lindex signs unique industry commitment for more sustainable cotton

Lindex is one of the first companies to sign-up to a sustainable cotton initiative led by The Prince of Wales’s International Sustainability Unit. The initiative is in line with Lindex goal that 100 per cent of the fashion company’s cotton will come from more sustainable sources by 2020, where Lindex has reached 91 per cent so far.

The Prince of Wales’s International Sustainability Unit’s cotton initiative is unique as it is the first industry commitment on sustainable cotton. Through the initiative, 13 major companies come together and commit to ensuring that 100 per cent of the cotton they use comes from more sustainable sources by 2025. By participating in the initiative, Lindex contributes to increasing demand and use of more sustainable cotton, which is essential in ensuring long term sustainability within the cotton sector as a whole.

“To achieve change on a big scale it is crucial that we work together in the industry. We are therefore proud to be part of this important global initiative. In a short amount of time we have made great progress with our cotton at Lindex, where 91 per cent comes from more sustainable sources today, and we look forward to continuing this important work”, says Ingvar Larsson, CEO at Lindex.

On May 24 Lindex participated, together with the 12 other companies, in a meeting attended by HRH The Prince of Wales for the initiative in London.

Goodwille launches business solution in the cloud

Professional service provider Goodwille helps fast-growing international companies in the UK, offering peace of mind that their affairs are being dealt with by a team of qualified specialists. This month Goodwille further expands its service offering with the launch of Goodwille cloud, a complete business solution gathered in the cloud. The portal gives clients easy access to their information, around the clock, wherever they are in the world, something that was not previously possible.

Everywhere – at all times
The trend is clear. The requirements for availability of business-critical processes increases, simultaneously as the boundary between work and private life becomes blurred. The result is that many want to perform their tasks wherever they are and whenever it suits them.

Lindex UK, part of one of the leading fashion chains in Europe, is one of many companies receiving back-office support from Goodwille. As a Goodwille client since 2014 Lindex UK welcomes the new service. “For businesses working across different time zones the cloud service is highly beneficial. Now our employees have access to all resources, around the clock, wherever they are in the world. It empowers our employees to access real-time information” Adam Wakefield, Lindex UK.

Stepping into the future
Outsourcing your services has historically meant difficulty accessing your information. Goodwille takes a step into the future by offering its clients greater freedom to use their information. It is safe, secure and effective. The cloud portal has been developed over two years by IT-specialists and puts Goodwille at the forefront of the industry.

The portal consists of a number of outsourced services including File Sharing, Online Accounting, Expense Management and HR services.

“Our vision is to make business easier for our clients. It’s not rocket science but it does require local experience, good management and leading edge IT solutions. Goodwille cloud launches with that in mind” – Annika Åman-Goodwille, CEO and Goodwille founder.

More information about the Goodwille cloud on