Influential Nordic ‘WOMEN IN TECH’ To Watch in 2021

International Women`s day is here to recognise, inspire and empower women all over the world. Goodwille was founded by Annika Goodwille, a female who was passionate about promoting female entrepreneurship. Today we continue to support the Microloan Foundation, a charity helping women across Sub-Saharan Africa to work their way out of poverty through entrepreneurship.

In recognition of International Women’s Day, Goodwille have shortlisted 7 (well 9!) Nordic Women behind amazing tech businesses that we think deserve some more recognition.  


Camilla, Emma & Anna founded the EdTech startup Female Invest back in 2017. Their drive is to close the financial gender gap, by educating women on investing and personal finance. This is done through a subscription-based e-learning tool which has gained a huge following on social media.

Since their journey started, they have become Europe`s leading financial educator targeting women with members in 55 countries, written a bestselling book on investing for beginners, and have been featured on the Forbes 30 under 30 list.

In 2021 they plan to scale internationally, so keep an eye out for these three women’s upcoming expansion plans and growing learning platform!


Maiken is behind “a new dimension of beauty” with her BeautyTech startup BeautyVision. BeautyVision is the leading Augmented Reality App for cosmetic treatments. The app is providing a 3D “try before you buy” experience for consumers to try out the newest cosmetic clinics, beauty brands and pharmaceutical companies.

The innovation behind BeautyVision and the whole “digitalizing the beauty industry” has led to BeautyVision being a finalist of the “Entrepreneur of the Year 2020”, and Maiken being a nominee of “Nordic Women in Tech Awards 2020”.

Beside BeautyVision, Maiken just started Female Founders Association, which is a community built by female entrepreneurs, with the aim to empower female founders in the Nordics!


Fighting food waste with Too Good To Go, Mette is leading a team of 750+ employees and collaborating with 50,000 supermarkets, restaurants, bakeries, hotels etc across 15 countries. Too Good To Go is the world`s largest marketplace for surplus food. Before Mette’s journey as CEO of To Good To Go, she was a co-founder of the fitness app Endomondo, which had 35 million users across the world.

Mette is a female entrepreneur, who works for a higher purpose by fighting food waste – while she even manages to make it a successful business at the same time. She is definitely one to watch!


Elina is CEO and co-founder of NaturalCycles. The world`s first app to be a contraception in both Europe and the US. She developed an algorithm that can identify the fertile window in a woman`s cycle. Elina`s skills, in particle physics, really showed off when she was part of a team that discovered the Higgs boson at CERN. The team received a Nobel Prize in physics! After that she started NaturalCycles, and now her mission is to pioneer women`s health with passion and research.

Back in 2015 she received the “Women in Tech Foundation`s Entrepreneurial Award”, and in 2020 she won the Nordic Startup Awards: “Founder of The Year”!


From politics to full time CEO and co-founder of Kara Connect, Thorbjorg is a real female entrepreneur! She started Kara Connect back in 2014, a workstation for professionals in Health & Welfare. Thorbjorg observed the problem with patients reaching therapy, because of geography & costs during her time in politics. That is why she created a platform that connects educators, healthcare, and therapy specialist with patients in three countries, including remote areas!


Featured by Forbes, World Economic Forum, Huffington Post, and Women Leaders it is safe to say that Caritta is a highlighted woman. Being the co-founder of Tespack, who has been awarded “Best Energy Startup” in the EU, and the “hottest tech startup” in Helsinki & Finland, she is a well-known woman in the tech sector. Tespack specialises in mobile energy with the goal of making everyone independent. Besides Tespack, Carrita is an ambassador for One Young World, which is a global forum for young leaders. She has mentioned: “Supporting and mentoring aspiring young entrepreneurs is where my passion lies”. Lookout for this inspiring woman!


Karen Dolva is using her technology skills towards social good with her company, No Isolation. She founded No Isolation back in 2015, designed to bring people together through technology with the aim of helping people break out of social isolation and loneliness. The first evolved product is a AV1 robot, which helps connect unwell children to their classroom peers while they are recovering at home! Karen started her entrepreneur journey with the start-up tech-incubator, StartupLab, in Oslo. She is also the co-founder of the consultancy company, UX Lab.

Karen has been featured by BBC, Financial Times, Reuters and many more, and was recently recognised in “Forbes` Top 50 Women in Tech” list. She is an inspiring tech female entrepreneur to follow!


Here at Goodwille, we are proud to be sponsoring the initiatives by the Danish-UK Association, Finnish-British Chamber of Commerce & the Norwegian-British Chamber of Commerce with their International Women’s Day activities. You can find out more about them here and here.

It is inspiring to see so many females from the Nordics getting involved in technology, an industry that has previously been dominated by males.

To find out more about Goodwille, and the work we do to support Nordic businesses to enter, grow or scale in the UK, read here.

How to land and grow your tech business in the UK

“Tech Growth UK – How to land and grow your tech business in the UK from people who know what it takes” a webinar at London Tech Week. Andrew Elmwick & Chris Moore from the Department for International Trade, Joanna Dodd from Rochester PR, James Blackmore from JMB Partnership and Sarah Kenshall from Burges Salmon are sharing their knowledge on expanding to the UK. We attended and here are some of the key takeaways.

Tech during and after the pandemic is as strong as ever

The world is a very strange place at the moment but the technology sector is as strong as ever following the Covid-19 pandemic. Our dependency on tech is only going to grow in the UK during and after the Coronavirus pandemic.

The UK is the number one tech scale-up market in Europe 

The turnover of UK digital tech businesses has grown since 2018. The United Kingdom is number 1 in Europe for Tech Scale-Ups. 10% of the UK’s revenue comes from the technology industry. The UK’s Digital Tech sector has also grown 6 times bigger than the rest of the UK’s economy over the past 8 years and now withholds 10% of the UK’s employed workforce.

Why is the UK so leading in the tech industry? 

The reason the UK is succeeding in tech companies is that the UK remains the hotbed for tech talent, employing 5% of all high-growth tech workers globally. You can find 4 of the world’s top 10 universities and 8 or Europe’s top 20 universities in the UK.

The United Kingdom also has a huge number of accelerators driving the growth of international start-ups from the country. Many of them are also sector-specific and corporate-backed.

The main reason for the UK’s tech success is, however, innovation. Different innovation centres can help advance the best digital ideas to market. This is related to emerging technologies like for instance, IoT, Future Networks and AI.

Coronavirus and expanding to the UK

Covid-19 has delayed some element in your expansion journey, but there are some things you can still do:

A virtual office allows you to set up a legal entity without a physical presence in the UK and you can start trading and bringing in revenue to your company. Having a UK address and phone number also gives your customers more confidence and trust in that there is someone here in the UK with knowledge ready to answer their queries.

How to establish a presence when setting up in the UK

The key elements of establishing a presence in the UK is by knowing your market, sectors and competitors. It is important to do a great amount of research before entering a new market because it will make you understand your position. Another important element is to ask yourself if you are relevant and how you can stand out. Why do you stand out from your competitors? Use combined-media opportunities, paid, owned, earned, and shared to get effects for the effort you are putting in. The most important element in creating a presence in the UK however, is to be adaptable. Listen to the advisors around you and listen to your customers.

How long does it take to expand and establish a business in the UK?

You should think like a start-up when entering a new market regardless of how established you are in your home market. You have to get your name out there using PR-efforts, key messaging, making sure that you create opportunities. It can take time, but if you do these things in the start and show the market that you are serious it will show results in the long run.

How the legal framework supports you in your UK entry

Customers trust in your supply chains and there is a great deal of support in the UK’s legal framework for companies scaling to the UK. Topical areas where UK laws assist in creating a trust for your customers are in cybersecurity, personal data, artificial intelligence and smart contracts.

For us, it’s always interesting to see the number of businesses from overseas that are looking to enter the UK market, and hearing that the UK remains a highly attractive market despite the challenges around coronavirus and Brexit is reassuring. To find out more about establishing your business in the UK, do not hesitate to contact us.

5 Norwegian Startups Supporting the Future of Remote Working

Office closures and social distancing measures have forced many companies to operate remotely. A few months in – what can be considered a transition period – the potential and positive side-effects of a remote workforce have been realised by many. Yet, there are of course challenges to overcome.

Many businesses have struggled as a result of COVID-19, however those assisting in this new, remote way of working are thriving.

From improving connectivity to making remote working more fun for your team, we have listed 5 Norwegian startups who are making remote working life easier for both employers and employees.


There’s a new solution on the block when it comes to smooth, seamless communication. If you’re tired of stalling videos, dropped conversations and downloading alternative ‘new’ conference solutions, then let us introduce you to Whereby – a subscription-based videoconferencing tool available directly in your browser, which allows you to connect seamlessly from any location.

The Norwegian startup has its roots from telecommunication company Telenor, where it started as an intern project in 2013. Later on, the project spun out and was acquired by its current parent company, Videonor. The service changed its name from to what we know it by today – Whereby.


Oslo-based startup Huddly offers a combination of hardware, software and AI to enable collaborative, remote working. Their products include AI-powered conferencing cameras in sleek Scandinavian design, paired with a user friendly desktop app.

Huddly was founded back in 2013 by Sten Ove Eriksen and Anders Eikenes. Ever since, their team has raised a total of $25 million during five investment rounds – way to go, Huddly.


Working from home is full of distractions, so it is important to stay focused on the task at hand. And just to be clear – the task at hand is not your mobile device! Whats App, Instagram, Angry Birds – the distractions are plentiful. That is where this clever mobile app, Hold, comes in to play. Hold will block distractions and simultaneously reward you for the time you are not on your phone – perfect to keep the productivity going when working remote!

Hold was founded back in 2015 and has been used by large companies such as Disney and Lloyds Banking Group.


Norwegian tech startup Memory has received great success since it was founded back in 2013, with representatives across 20 different countries and a total fundraising of $6 million. In their pursuit of helping people do more of the work that matters to them, they released their first product Timely – an AI-powered time tracking and planning application. Timely can not only assist employers to track and manage remote teams, but also help employees in terms of productivity, motivation, and how to prioritize your work – win-win!

Recently, Memory released their second product Dewo, which focuses on deep work.


With a jingle that will chime in your ears long after the fun has ended, Kahoot! is a game based learning platform. Bringing fun to 1billion+ players, this clever bit of kit will bring your students or colleagues together for some educational fun.

If you are still holding quizzes the traditional way, then Kahoot! can teach you a thing or two. Organise a social gathering with your colleagues or clients and do not stop the good times just because you are not with them in person!

Goodwille provide essential business services to Norwegian businesses looking to enter, grow or scale in the UK, whether via setting up a UK subsidiary, registering a UK branch orrecruiting UK based employees. To find out more contact

Nordic Startup Awards and Goodwille strengthening their partnership in 2020

[Press release – May 18, 2020] Following two successful years of working together, Nordic Startup Awards and Goodwille are pleased to announce they have renewed their strategic partnership for the 8th season of Nordic Startup Awards. This year, the two will deepen their partnership, with Goodwille taking ownership of the “Best Founder of the Year” category as well as hosting webinars for startups around themes of expansion to the UK, scaling a UK team and fundraising in the UK.

The Nordic edition of the Global Startup Awards, the world’s largest independent startup ecosystem competition, is a series of events in the Nordic countries with the mission to recognise and celebrate the startup talent in the region. Goodwille, whose roots are firmly tied to the Nordic countries have helped hundreds of tech businesses, including regional and national finalists of the Nordic Startup Awards, enter the UK market.

Kim Balle, Co-Founder & CEO of the Nordic Startup Awards said: “Our shared interest and knowledge of the Nordic startup ecosystem makes us strong partners. We’re excited to continue our collaboration this year, and Goodwille’s extensive experience in supporting Nordic businesses with their expansion to the UK is no doubt an asset for our stakeholders.”

James Service, Marketing Manager of Goodwille said: “We’ve been working with startups for over two decades, so this partnership is a great opportunity for us to celebrate and recognise the top talent in the Nordic startup ecosystem. We are excited to take the next step in our long-standing partnership with new activities and category ownership this year.”

Over 3,300 companies were nominated for the Nordic Startup Awards in 2019, and the applicants received tens of thousands of individual public votes from across the 5 participating Nordic countries. To contribute to the global recovery from COVID-19, all activities, including the Grand Final Days, will take place online in 2020. This provides an exciting opportunity for Nordic Startup Awards to be a frontrunner of a new way of doing things in the future.

Press Contacts

Kim Balle, Co-Founder & CEO, Nordic Startup Awards

James Service, Marketing Manager, Goodwille

Find out more

Expand to England – Join our Official Slush Side Event in Helsinki

Slush Helsinki is the world’s leading startup event, celebrating all things tech and entrepreneurship. Slush 2019 takes place between 21st-22nd November and is expected to gather over 25,000 curious minds, including 4,000 startups and 2,000 investors to create and help the next generation of groundbreaking entrepreneurs. It’s a mix of a festival and conference, with several side events taking place all around the Finnish capital.

We are happy to announce that Goodwille will host an Official Slush side event at Slush 2019. On Friday 22nd November we invite businesses looking to establish in the UK to our event EXPAND TO ENGLAND. The event will provide key market insights and practical examples on how to successfully launch on the UK market. It’s held at Messukeskus, so after the event we’re just seconds away from the Slush After Party! Join us, and remember – you don’t need to have a Slush pass in order to attend our event!

About Expand to England

Are you ready to take your business out of the Nordics to the UK or other European markets? Are you ready to scale your team and expand internationally?

The UK is repeatedly ranked as one of the best locations for European businesses looking to expand internationally – it has access to a pool of talent, capital and investors, it boosts a large tech community and it is perfectly located in the middle of time zones. The UK is also a big gateway through which to enter the US market.

This event is for ambitious startups, SMEs, entrepreneurs and businesses looking to establish in the UK. You will hear practical examples from Leadoo, the Hottest Startup from Finland in October 2019, who will share their company journey and reasons for choosing the UK market. Additional speakers include Department for International Trade, Business Finland, Rochester PR, and Goodwille, all of which have substantial experience supporting businesses with expanding to the UK. Our expert speakers will provide you with key market insights, including how to promote yourself and how to avoid the pitfalls many others have fallen into.We will also touch upon Brexit from a business perspective. Expect an interactive seminar with experts on international expansion, followed by networking with fellow entrepreneurs and business leaders.


Date: Friday 22nd November 2019
Venue: Messukeskus, Siipi 205, 1 Messuaukio, 00520 Helsinki, Finland
Time: 3.15pm – 6pm
Registration: The event is free of charge but requires registration. Send an email to for a link to the registration page. Please note that you don’t need to have a Slush pass to attend our event!

Amsterdam startup scene

It’s not hard to understand the reason Amsterdam is known as the startup capital of Europe! There are so many thriving new businesses in the Dutch capital, including Adyen, Elastic and Some of the reasons to choose Amsterdam as a base for your business expansion or European startup include:

– It’s an attractive city in which to live and work, with a huge pool of international work talent to draw on for recruitment purposes. The city has an amazing history and a compact size, making it easy to travel between different areas. English is widely spoken so communication is generally not an issue for English speakers.

– Amsterdam is a tech-savvy city, so it’s not surprising companies like Tesla, NextDoor and Netflix chose this location as a European HQ

– Amsterdam has a great infrastructure and connectivity with other major European cities, like Paris, London, Berlin and Stockholm which makes it easy to grow any business. The capital is also home to one of the highest broadband concentrations in the world

Setting up a business in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is ideal for startups as business costs are remarkably low. KPMG highlight that the Netherlands is one of the top countries for low business location costs, particularly in the digital arena and for research and development.

Starting up a business in Amsterdam is remarkably easy. If you’re based outside the EU you can apply for a Startup Visa and will just need an innovative business plan in place and the available financial resources to prove you can exist for at least a year in the Netherlands. What’s more, there are a variety of innovation incentives and R&D tax credits available to provide even more incentive to grow your new business in Amsterdam.

When you initially start up your business you need to pay €50 to register at the local Chamber of Commerce, although incorporated businesses (like a BV) will need to pay for a notarial deed, which costs around €300. It’s not essential to have startup capital prior to registering a BV, either.

Once your startup is registered with the Chamber of Commerce, all details are automatically passed on to the Tax and Customs Administration, known as Belastingdienst. The business is then issued a VAT registration number.

The corporate income tax rate in the Netherlands is 20% on the first €200,000 of business profits, with 25% due on any profits over this amount.

If you’re planning an international expansion, you should get in touch with Goodwille! We’re experts in helping businesses expand to the UK and can provide advice and support with everything you need for a successful expansion. 

The tech problems that startups will address in 2019

Each year, evolving demands for technology-based solutions and emerging worldwide trends create a set of problems that tech startups look to solve in innovative and exciting ways, making them financial successes and disruptors on a global scale.

As we dive into 2019, these are some of the tech areas that we predict tech startups will try to address this year.

Blockchain technology

Bitcoin’s blockchain network is frequently criticised for requiring hugely intensive computing power in order to run. A recent study by Elite Fixtures discovered that in South Korea, one of the world’s leading Bitcoin hubs, the cost of electricity to mine a single Bitcoin is $26,000. In addition to these costs, the cost of setting up and maintaining a blockchain network.

Moving forward, startups will need to look at how they can improve cost and time efficiency for blockchain systems. If this is achieved, cryptocurrencies have a real chance of becoming adopted as a legitimate form of tender for many more companies and customers globally, as the benefits will outweigh the costs to a much greater degree.

Internet of Things

There are currently around 14 billion devices connected to the internet, and this is due to rise in the coming years as the Internet of Things drives innovation and convenience in people’s everyday lives.

Voice-activated devices have begun to have a meaningful presence in people’s homes, but the technology can often be unreliable, inaccurate and expensive, leading to a poor user experience overall. Startups that can create connected devices that are affordable to all demographics and which boast seamless command tools will enjoy a hugely successful 2019.


Card payments have overtaken cash in 2018 for the first time, but consumers want even more when it comes to paying for their goods. While in stores, contactless cards are all well and good, but the speed and simplicity are nullified if shoppers are still made to wait in lengthy queues to pay.

Technology that allows shoppers to pay for their shopping on-the-go or automatically in stores, creating a fully interactive and swift shopping experience, will be a major trend moving forward in retail. Startups that can produce the necessary technology to create completely frictionless shopping experiences will be successful in 2019 and beyond.

Goodwille has helped some of the hottest Nordic tech startups with starting up in the UK. If you need help with launching your tech startup in the UK, get in touch with Goodwille today.

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