October 7th, 2022

The Zambezi Challenge: Goodwille x Microloan

Ever considered navigating the tempestuous rapids, intense heat, and crocodile littered waters of the Zambezi?  Goodwille and long term charity partner, have joined up to send one of our employees to complete the Zambezi challenge this October. Accompanied by a larger group – varying in experience and diversity of background – Goodwille Financial Controller, Sara, will be attempting to overcome this once in a lifetime white-water rafting challenge. Further still, she will be exploring the some of Zambia’s most beautiful National parks and, most importantly, taking time to visit the local ‘Microloan Entrepreneurs’ for whom the proceeds of trip are in aid of.

The Zambezi Challenge is a charity event organised by the Microloan Charity who look to provide business loans and training to women facing poverty in sub-Saharan Africa. The charity look to send a large group of individuals who have all managed to raise significant funds to donate to this great cause. Sara, supported by Goodwille, has been able to make this trip a reality. Amazingly, Sara has spent the past year raising money and exceeding over £1000 in donations through the power of, friends, family and social media. Sara, who admits she’s “not the best” when it comes to social media, has suggested that raising this total was difficult in that sense, but “people responded super well and helped hit the target quickly” when hearing about the nature of the Microloan cause.

Aside from the charitable fundraising, Sara needed to make sure that she was in good physical condition in order to face the demands of this challenge. In turn, Sara says she has endeavoured to implement “regular swimming, walking and gym-going into her routine over the past year”, managing to remain steadfast in this. Notably, October is the hottest month in Zambia so it is integral to be physically capable to withstand the exercise itself but also the sweltering heat and humidity. Furthermore, when travelling to Zambia it is essential that you receive certain vaccinations and Sara has endured four in total.

After a year of fundraising, preparation and pent up excitement, Sara is now embarking on this incredible experience. Over the course of the trip she will experience; diverse accommodation (ranging from four nights in B&Bs to two nights of wild camping in bow tents), four days navigating the dangerous white-waters of the awesome Victoria Falls, a day wandering through the wildlife-laden paradise of Chobe National Park, and finally, a day of connecting with Microloan Entrepreneurs. The day spent interacting with the Microloan entrepreneurs will allow for the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of the work and lives of the individuals for whom the charity work is going towards. Sara – whilst excited for the challenge and natural beauty of the landscape – is looking forward to meeting these women the most, stating: “The work Microloan do is so important, and it will be incredible to see how these amazing women use the charity’s support.

As mentioned previously, Microloan provide support to woman all across sub-Saharan Africa and this Zambezi River Challenge is just one of many ways the charity helps to fundraise for those in Malawi, Zambia and Zimbabwe. The other events include the likes of the Malawi Trek and support through the London Marathon. Further still, to date they have supported ‘324,000 women facing poverty… and as a result, an estimated 1.3 million children have increased access to nutritious food, healthcare and education’. As a proud partner of Microloan, Goodwille appreciate the staggering impact that their work has for the Woman of sub-Saharan Africa. To show this appreciation, we’ll continue to pledge our support for the cause through our annual donation and charity events such as the ‘Charity Raffle’ where we raised nearly £1000.

Despite the trip now commencing, you are still able to donate to Sara’s MicroLoan Donation page. Therefore, it would be greatly appreciated if you were able to spare anything to help this fantastic cause. Also, Sara’s journey will be captured through a series videos and photos. Whilst she claims that she naturally struggles to interact with camera’s, she has been provided with a trusty ‘selfie stick’ and has promised us some great content! If you’d like to see some of this content then please keep an eye on our social platforms Linkedin and Instagram.