HR Matters Webinar: Legislation Updates 23/24

Are you an employer in the UK? Are you aware of the upcoming employment law changes in 2023? If not, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

This webinar recording consists of an informative discussion on the essential HR and employment law obligations you need to take to comply with the annual changes within employment law.

Goodwille’s HR Manager Jacqui Brown and our Senior HR Advisor Helen Watson discuss everything you need to know, including the upcoming employment law changes, equality and diversity inclusion, menopause, and neurodiversity, including ADHD.

This discussion is in collaboration with the Norwegian British Chamber, Danish UK Association, and the Finnish British Chamber.

Don’t be caught off guard in any HR related situations, be a responsible employer, and prepare for the 2023 UK employment law changes by watching this webinar. The changes are coming into effect in April, so don’t miss out on this important watch.

If you want help with your employer responsibilities, do not hesitate to contact our HR Manager at or visit Goodwille can act as a fully outsourced HR service provider or support chosen areas of your HR functions.

Scaling for Success with Nara Communications & memmo.

Are you a high growth startup, entrepreneur or founder looking to scale your business to international markets?

Goodwille are hosting a webinar in partnership with Nordic Startup Awards with guests from disruptive high-growth startup, memmo, and successful influential PR firm, Nara Communications.

The webinar is available for Nordic Startup Award nominees and other Nordic startups, scaleups, founders and CEO’s with the aim to show you step-by-step how to successfully scale into one of the world’s largest economies, the UK.

The UK is ranked as one of the best locations for businesses looking to expand internationally. Starting a business in the UK can be challenging, but with the right set of tools and knowledge, it’s a great place for business opportunities. The global environment, ease of doing business and strong market potential are of particular interest for overseas companies starting up in the UK.

During this webinar Goodwille, Nara Communications and memmo will discuss:

– Why the UK should be the next step in your expansion

– The key points Nordic Start-ups should reflect on when expanding to the UK

– The key PR and marketing actions to consider pre and during expansion

– The lessons learned from previous 2020 NSA finalist in the category ‘Best Newcomer’, memmo, when expanding to the UK

To ensure this session is engaging and interactive for all participants, we will hold a Q/A session at the end of the webinar where you are able to get your questions answered by some of the leading experts in their field.

memmo is one of the biggest marketplaces for personalised videos from thousands of celebrities |

Nara communications is an influential PR firm helping business growth |


HR Matters 2022: New HR Legislation and Employer Responsibilities

Be a responsible employer and get ready for the 2022 UK employment law changes. Some of these changes are coming into effect in April; find out what key actions you need to take to stay compliant in this recorded Webinar.

HR Manager Jacqui Brown and HR Advisors Anni Glesaaen and Rob Winchester discuss how to make sure businesses are aware of the changing employment landscape.

Some of the topics the HR team at Goodwille will cover:

National Minimum Wage increase

Increased in Family-Friendly Leave Pay

Flexible Working

Extra Public Holiday in the UK

COVID-19 & End to Rules


Employment Bill

If you want help with your employer responsibilities, do not hesitate to contact our HR Manager at or visit Goodwille can act as a fully outsourced HR service provider or support chosen areas of your HR functions.

Expand to the US with Foothold America

Watch Goodwille’s Marketing Manager James Service and our guest speaker, Joanne Farquharson, the President & CEO of Foothold America, exclusive Expand to the USA Webinar Recording. During this one-hour event, Joanne discusses the considerations you need to think about before expanding, the steps you will need to take and the solutions available to simplify the process of establishing your business in the USA.

With the USA ranking as the world’s largest economy, there’s a massive opportunity for companies looking to expand to the US. Although establishing a presence in America can be complex and, at times, overwhelming, this webinar will cover everything you need to know to gain an insight on how to launch your business to America successfully.

If expansion into the USA is on your agenda in the next 12 months, please watch this webinar recording, and find out how you can unlock your potential in the USA.

During this session, Joanne covered:

What you should consider before expanding

The different ways you can expand to the US

The steps you need to take for each solution and the partners you will need to work with to expand and remain compliant

The costs involved

Foothold America makes it easy, safe, and affordable to expand into America. Whether you want to test the market with one employee or would like to create a US entity, Foothold America offers bespoke services to fit your business needs. Visit their site here:

The Future of Work: How to Manage the Transition with DKUK and FBCC

Watch Goodwille’s HR Team together with the Danish-UK Association and the Finnish-British Chamber of Commerce’s fireside chat for a timely discussion exploring a range of pressing “return to office” topics. Our speakers, Goodwille’s HR Manager Jacqui Brown and HR Advisors Anni Glesaaen & Robert Winchester guide you through what to consider and expect in the return to office and hybrid working landscape.

During this webinar, we cover:

– Bringing employees back to the office

– what you need to consider when developing your “return to work plan”

– Key considerations for employers implementing flexible remote work arrangements

– Avoiding discrimination claims when bringing employees back to the office

– The ‘Zoom Effect’

– Camera’s on/off – the culture of presenteeism

– Hiring in a remote/hybrid working environment

– avoiding discrimination and bias

The webinar benefits all employers, particularly SME business owners, directors, and HR professionals. If you want help with your employer responsibilities, do not hesitate to contact our HR Manager at or visit Goodwille can act as a fully outsourced HR service provider or support chosen areas of your HR functions.

Tax incentives for innovations with GovGrant

Tax incentives for innovation – is your business making the most of the opportunity?

Ensure your business recognises and receives the full credit it’s due with innovation tax incentives. Watch this webinar organised by Goodwille together with GovGrant to understand how your business can benefit from your Research & Development (R&D) and Intellectual Property (IP). In this webinar, we take a deep dive into the available schemes, what’s involved in the claims process, and tips to maximise your R&D claim value.

There are currently six million SME’s operating in the UK, and while the coronavirus pandemic hit the SME sector hard, those are the businesses that kept the economy going. As a result, many companies had to develop new ways of working and innovation to ensure business growth. If you are an SME registered and operating in the UK, that innovation could mean that you have entitled to tax relief under the UK government R&D tax credits scheme.

During this webinar, we cover:

• An overview of the schemes available to UK businesses

• Common misconceptions

• Client success stories

GovGrant empowers businesses to realise their innovation potential; they reward the risk-takers and only focus on commercial outcomes. Through a deep understanding of the R&D ecosystem and their technical capability, they create value for their clients by recognising their R&D and maximising the value of their Intellectual Property. To find out more, visit

Brexit – Can you transfer personal data between EU and the UK? with Wired Relations

Before Brexit, personal data was able to be transferred freely between the EU and the UK. Today, post-Brexit, subsidiary companies need to be careful and compliant when moving personal data like employee information cross-borders.

Watch this recording of a webinar organised by Goodwille and Wired Relations to understand what changes Brexit has brought for data protection regulations between countries. In this webinar, we take a deep dive into the free flow of information and data that is important to modern business.

You should watch this webinar if:

– You need to send personal information in connection with the delivery of, for example, HR or Marketing services between subsidiary and parent company

– Your business is based in the EU and you work with the UK  or if your business is based in the UK and you work with the EU

Senior Compliance Manager Lene Gram Skjoldager, from Wired Relations, will provide you with a practical road map of what to do. She will advise on what is possible and what you should be aware of going through the rules and regulations post-Brexit. Goodwille’s Governance Consultant Evy Rune is moderating the event.

Lene Gram Skjoldager is a Danish legal practitioner specialising in GDPR. She has been a Data Protection Officer and Security and Compliance Officer within large companies as well as the Danish Defence Ministry. She has extensive experience in implementing and handling GDPR.

Wired Relations provides a privacy management solution complying with GDPR and information security standards.

Reignite your Business after Lockdown with DKUK, FBCC and Quiver Management

As businesses re-emerge from a year of hibernation, how should they adapt to a new working world? 🚀

In a hot-seat interview, #Goodwille‘s HR Manager Jacqueline Brown and Quiver Management’s Business Consultant Jan Bowen-Nielsen will discuss how business leaders adapt and re-energise their business and staff to re-emerge after a year of the pandemic.

This event was put together by the Danish-UK Association and the Finnish-British Chamber of Commerce.

Video created and owned by DKUK.

Boost Employee Wellbeing with FBCC, DKUK and

Keeping employees happy and motivated has always been a priority for HR leaders – but has it ever been more of a challenge than now?

Whether it’s engaging a workforce remotely, keeping the culture alive, or acting on the threats to employees happiness, HR is having to adapt to keep employees healthy, happy and productive.

Goodwille together with Breaks Finland, the Finnish-British Chamber of Commerce and the Danish-UK Association hosted the free HR event: Boost Employee Wellbeing.

HR experts Jacqui Brown, HR Manager at Goodwille and Jaana Komscha-Härkönen CEO and Co-Founder of Breaks Finland covered the following topics:

• The biggest challenges to employee happiness and how to address them

• The biggest changes to workplace wellbeing for employees and how to adapt

• The importance of employee wellbeing now and in the future

• Who in the business should be responsible for the wellbeing KPI’S?

• How to spot mental illness in the workplace

• Finland – the happiest country in the world, what is the secret?

Saara Koivisto, voice coach, singer and singing teacher performed a short inspiring “Break session”. The session highlighted the importance of voice in daily communication and how you can enhance it.

Breaks Finland enables courageous organisations to give their people the safe, creative space and time to stop, observe, feel, and become fearless so that they are more innovative and resilient. Breaks form programs of fun, thought-provoking, and activating sessions that break the daily routine and help people act and think more creatively.

Goodwille provides essential business services to overseas companies looking to enter, grow or scale in the UK. Whether a business is looking to set up a UK subsidiary, register a UK branch or recruit UK based employees, Goodwille can provide all the business services needed to ensure the UK operation is properly administered, managed and monitored. Our services cover, Corporate Governance, HR, Finance, Payroll and Virtual Office.

HR Matters 2021 – Advice for UK SME’s with Goodwille

With recent changes to UK employment law, Goodwille will provide up-to-the-minute information on changes to legislation and practical advice on how you can implement these changes within your organisation, along with recapping your overall core responsibilities. HR is often overlooked by SME’s, which can leave you exposed should employee relationships break down.

This webinar will be applicable if you are based in the UK and juggling many responsibilities including onboarding employees, or if you are based in an international HR department but responsible for your UK subsidiary.

We will explore the HR challenges many SME’s face and the associated risks if you don’t undertake the ‘bear minimum’ as a responsible UK employer.

Presenters: Jacqui Brown, HR Manager, Goodwille. Anna Kuklinska, HR Advisor, Goodwille.

In collaboration with: the Finnish-British Chamber of Commerce. the Norwegian-British Chamber of Commerce. the Danish-UK Association.