Go virtual – an alternative to opening a UK office

Learn about the benefits of using a Virtual Office solution, what to consider when you decide where to place your UK base and how Goodwille can help make a lasting first impression on your UK customers.
About this Video

If you’re launching in the UK, you might want to consider setting up a virtual office before you decide to open a physical office. We like to encourage our clients to do this for a few reasons.

First of all, using a virtual office is a cost-effective way to launch your presence in a new country while you’re testing the market. It allows you to reduce costs on things like staff and office rent, whilst keeping the flexibility should you wish to exit the market quickly. Using a virtual office also allows you to outsource tasks like mail handling, answering telephones, and customer support.

If you decide to open a physical office it’s important to base it close to your customers and where the talent in your industry is, but also somewhere that is easily accessible and with good transport links if you plan to travel to the UK from overseas frequently. Our London office is perfectly placed to take advantage of the UK’s finance and tech hub, but regions outside of London, like the industry-focused Midlands where our Warwick office is based, can also be attractive for inward investment.

Remember it’s much more attractive to your UK customers to interact with someone who has a local presence. So if you need help in deciding whether to open an office or go virtual then get in touch with Goodwille and we can help you decide where to set up your UK base for the best first impression on your UK customers. You can also check out our virtual office service offering for more insights on how Goodwille can support your UK operation.