Registered Office

UK Registered Office Provider

A registered office is a legal requirement under UK company law for any limited company, and provides a contact address for official government post and legal documents, as well as being the legal seat of the business. 

Companies house, HMRC and other governing bodies require a UK registered business to have a registered office for company transparency. The official physical postal address does not need to be your main area of trading but must be within the UK. 

You can reference a residential address as your registered office, but this is not advised as the above demands must still be met. Having this would require you to publish your full home address publicly, resulting in your private mail and company mail becoming merged, essentially giving you blurred lines between work and home life. A non-residential address in a city location can also give the perception of an established credible business, and potentially be more attractive to potential customers.

Registered Office Locations

Goodwille have two UK based offices, London and Warwick. The Warwick office is based in the heart of the Midlands, the UK’s main manufacturing hub and provides the perfect location for your industry focused business. It is close to business networks and offers excellent transport links across the whole of the UK. By choosing our London office as your registered office, you are automatically in the heart of the global capital for technology and financial services.

Creating a Subsidiary Company

It is essential to have a registered office in the UK if you’re setting up a subsidiary company (even when your main company is based abroad). This is to meet the same UK company law guidelines set for UK based companies. Subsidiary companies, although still part of the wider group, still require a UK postal address for United Kingdom based mail.

Our Front of House Team

Goodwille’s Front of House Team is responsible for the day-to-day running of the Goodwille offices in London and Warwick. Duties range from managing the reception, meeting and greeting clients and visitors, answering phone calls and organising post, to purchasing and negotiating with suppliers, booking meeting rooms, getting involved in client support activities, organising client and Goodwille events, and taking care of our Virtual Office clients. Get in touch with the team if you have any enquiries about meeting rooms or if you are unsure of who to contact at Goodwille, and they will guide you to the right person