What Is A Virtual Office?

A virtual office enables businesses to operate remotely whilst providing the front of a fully established office, through professional mail forwarding & telephone answering services. It enables organisations like yours to create a local UK presence without renting a physical office space or employing office staff. We have a range of virtual support services available, providing a complete solution for your UK business.

Whilst being extremely beneficial to small business owners due to the reduced cost, larger companies could also benefit from having virtual office staff. It can serve as a central location when your sales team work remotely or are strategically placed across the UK.

Mail Forwarding

In addition to Goodwille providing a registered office service, we can also provide a trading address solution. By using our trading address service, you instantly have a UK office address, and can be used to receive correspondence from customers & suppliers. It creates a professional image, which can be used on marketing material, business cards and your website. Having your trading address with Goodwille means we can act on the mail that is relevant to us, and forward the information that you need electronically, as soon as it arrives.

The mail forwarding service is designed for letters and not the delivery of packages. 

Telephone Answering

Greet your current and potential customers professionally with our telephone answering service. As part of the service you will be assigned a local UK telephone number, which our professional staff will answer in your business name, without you having to employ your own reception staff. 

Your clients will never know the calls are answered by Goodwille, and we will try to answer their questions where training has been provided. We can filter out the nuisance calls, and transfer genuine enquiries directly to you, either in the UK or internationally. We will never put a call through to a voicemail, and when you are unavailable, we will forward telephone messages to you by email.

Reduced Overheads

A Virtual Office offers everything a normal rented office can, but does not incur the costs of leasing, buying or maintaining a property. This can help reduce your businesses overheads, making them very attractive to startups and SMEs.


By not having a fixed physical location, the process of expanding with more employees is sped up, allowing you to focus on growing your business rather than your building costs.

Our Front of House Team

Goodwille’s Front of House Team is responsible for the day-to-day running of the Goodwille offices in London and Warwick. Duties range from managing the reception, meeting and greeting clients and visitors, answering phone calls and organising post, to purchasing and negotiating with suppliers, booking meeting rooms, getting involved in client support activities, organising client and Goodwille events, and taking care of our Virtual Office clients. Get in touch with the team if you have any enquiries about meeting rooms or if you are unsure of who to contact at Goodwille, and they will guide you to the right person