What is a Company Secretary?

Something quite unique about UK business is the presence of a Company Secretary. But what exactly is a Company Secretary, and does your UK operation need one?

A Company Secretary is an officially appointed board member or officer who takes on a number of the Directors’ administrative and compliance duties. Here in the UK, a Company Secretary is mandatory for public companies and although not legally required for private companies, many choose to appoint one anyway.

Goodwille can provide a Company Secretary as an annual service to give you peace of mind that your UK company is compliant, and administration is streamlined. As Company Secretary we make sure your business is compliant and governed according to UK standards and best practice. This includes for example maintaining and reviewing statutory registers, filing confirmation statements and annual accounts, and we would also have the authority to sign documents in the general dealing of the company.

Goodwille act as Company Secretary for hundreds of foreign-owned businesses where the directors are often based abroad, to ensure their businesses are effectively run in the UK. If you are looking for support with managing the ongoing compliance of your UK subsidiary, then don’t hesitate to contact us at Goodwille or read more about our Company Secretarial service offering here.

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