March 13th, 2017

Why your international business should open a virtual office in the UK

Globalising your business is always going to be a difficult but exciting challenge. If you’re looking at reaching out to foreign markets with your products and services, we congratulate you on taking such a daring step in your business’ future. It means that your business has progressed as far as it can at home, and that your brand has enough weight to potentially succeed abroad.

Of course, taking that step to becoming an international business can be an expensive and time-consuming move. You may not be quite ready to jump right into opening a new office in the UK, whether it is down to your cash-flow or just the feasibility of having a fully operational team in the United Kingdom.

That’s when it may be time to consider using a virtual office and telephone answering service. A popular choice for many SMEs expanding into the UK, you can outsource all your office duties while planning your business growth.

Here are 5 reasons you should use a virtual service before you open a UK office:

1. It is a temporary solution that gives you the chance to test your products and services on the UK market without having to hire staff.

2. It’s an affordable solution that means you can outsource the work while you look into the financial implications of opening your first UK office.

3. It gives you time to learn more about your UK market and to plan your operations over here.

4. It creates the impression that you have already started a business in the United Kingdom before you actually have, allowing your brand to become recognisable before you start actual operations here.

5. It makes your global expansion plans more manageable than quickly overloading yourself with new offices across the world at once.

If you’re looking for a business that can support your virtual office and telephone answering needs, then turn to Goodwille. We’ve been providing businesses from across Europe and the world with a friendly, professional and organised service. Companies from Norway, Sweden, Finland, and Austria have all benefited from starting their UK operations with us. Now it’s your turn. Contact us for more information about our virtual office and telephone answering services.