September 22nd, 2016

Goodwille extends network partner agreement with Norwegian UT Project

After a successful collaboration with the UT Project over the last year, Goodwille and the UT Project have decided to continue their partnership.

Since 2005 the UT Project has worked closely with corporate clients to ensure growth and international expansion. As a result, UT Companies have experienced significant growth in sales. Goodwille entered the partnership with the UT Project in 2015 and has helped companies that are seeking to enter the UK market. One example is Strategy Execution and Strategic Corporate Performance Management Software provider Corporater.

“The network partner agreement allows access to Goodwille’s support services to those with commercial interest in the UK.” – Vegard Strand and Willy G. Hernes, founders, UT Project.

With more than a decade of experience, the UT project is dedicated to increasing revenue, customer base, network and supporting member companies with their international expansion. Collectively, they are one of Mid-Norway’s largest network of technology companies and collaboratively with their partners organise conferences, seminars and other networking conventions. Amongst these is the annual UT London Conference that takes place in April.

The latest network agreement sees Goodwille offer a one-stop shop of outsourced business services to those looking to establish themselves in the UK.

“As a Network Partner, the UT Project has introduced us to relevant member companies out of which a number we will help to support in the future. The UT companies can focus on building their brand in a new environment whilst Goodwille takes the strain out of the core back-office work, enabling them to focus on their strategy entering the UK market.” – Anni Glesaaen, Goodwille.

To date, the UT Project has assisted over 65 companies expand outside of Norway, identifying opportunities and potential in new international markets.