A resource bank of information designed to simplify the process of expanding your business into the UK. Our Video library will provide you with answers to the most frequently asked questions we get from businesses thinking about launching on the UK market.

Our Downloadable Guides include useful information on some of the regulations you should be aware of when doing business in the UK, as well as helpful tips and tricks when thinking about expanding abroad, recruiting your first UK employee & more.

UK Establishment vs Subsidiary

Are you thinking about setting up a UK operation? Choosing between whether to set up a UK Establishment or a Subsidiary can be tricky and in this video we go through the difference and similarities between the two options.

What is a Company Secretary?

What is the role of a Company Secretary and why is it beneficial to your business to appoint one? Learn about the duties and responsibilities of a Company Secretary and how Goodwille can help support your UK business.

What is the Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS)?

What is the Enterprise Investment Scheme? Who can apply and why should ambitious businesses looking to raise funding apply for the EIS? Watch the video to find out!

Responsibilities as a Director of a UK company

What are the duties and responsibilities of the Directors of a UK company and what happens if you breach them? Learn about your responsibilities as Director of a UK company and how Goodwille can look after these on your behalf.

Understanding UK VAT

When do I need to register my company for VAT? What are the different VAT rates? How do I report VAT to UK authorities? Watch the video to learn about UK VAT and how Goodwille can support with handling VAT for your business.

Transactions between subsidiary and parent company

Learn about some of the most commonly used methods for making transactions when selling goods and services between a subsidiary and parent company and why it is important to get this right from the start

Responsibilities as a UK employer

Learn about the responsibilities you have as soon as you start employing people in the UK, starting from before hiring someone, while they work for you and if there should be any issues when an employee leaves your company.

Costs of having a UK employee

How much will a UK-based employee cost you and what additional costs do you have to take into account when hiring in the UK, in addition to the gross salary? Watch the video to learn about the costs associated with having UK-based employees.

Go virtual – an alternative to opening a UK office

Learn about the benefits of using a Virtual Office solution, what to consider when you decide where to place your UK base and how Goodwille can help make a lasting first impression on your UK customers.

Good To


A series of useful PDF downloads to help businesses already active in the UK with regulations which may impact your operation. Check back regularly for our latest guides.

Tax Table 2022/2023



A series of useful PDF guides to help businesses considering expanding their operation into the UK market. Covering routes to market, tips on expansion and UK employees.

5 tips for UK expansion

UK Subsidiary vs UK Branch



A series of useful PDF downloads from our partner network, which includes a broad mix of businesses who are supporting our clients, outside of the services Goodwille can provide you in-house.

Ten tips for creating a presence in the UK

Clear Treasury

Mitigating currency risks for international businesses


Entering the UK market? Don’t skimp on translation.

Intellectual property dos and don’ts

Talent acquisition & Technology recruitment