A fully tailored service utilising a depth of knowledge and experience to ensure the process of closing your business is as smooth as can be. 

The support at Goodwille does not cease at helping companies from overseas to set up in the UK. We work with your business right from set up, through trading, until, if at all, you dissolve your company. Dissolving a company in the UK is not always straightforward and can come with its own pitfalls. Here at Goodwille we work with businesses to ensure that their exit strategy is as successful as it can be considering the circumstances.

Dissolution is a process of closing the full business down where there are no outstanding debt or liabilities, whereas other alternatives are where companies fall into danger with liabilities and have no further option than to liquidate, for example.

Through our dissolution services, this means that we work to strike the business off from Companies House to which it will no longer be a registered business following the successful process of this. 

You will need some help if you are considering shutting your business down to ensure it’s done as effectively and efficiently as possible with minimal disruption to your clients, suppliers and your wider stakeholder network. 

Eamon Roche – FCIS (FCG)

Eamon Roche is Company Secretary and leading the Governance Department. He is motivated, commercially minded, and a dedicated qualified Chartered Secretary. He has extensive experience in all aspects of company secretarial work gained from a diverse and rewarding career in both the UK and Ireland.

Eamon has strong communication skills and is excellent at building relationships at all levels. He is able to manage changing and conflicting priorities on a daily basis whilst ensuring attention to quality and detail.

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