July 16th, 2018

Good Effort: Team Goodwille run the British 10K for charity

Sunday 15 July 2018 was incredibly warm, with a temperature of 25 degrees Celsius before the clock had even struck 10am. But despite the heat and the fact that there were no clouds in sight, nothing could stop Team Goodwille from running the British 10K in Westminster to raise money for UNIQUE – a charity with the mission to inform and support anyone affected by rare chromosome and gene disorders.

Yes it was warm, yes the run was a bit more sweaty than most 10K’s, and YES they still all finished with great results! Definitely a Good Effort by all runners, not only from #teamgoodwille, but everyone participating in the run. The atmosphere during the run was amazing, and it was fantastic to see that most runners were running for charities and to support Good Causes.

Running for charity has become a tradition at Goodwille, and our employees partake in several races every year to raise money and awareness for different causes we care about. This year we chose to support Unique, and we hope that by raising awareness of rare chromosome and gene disorders and donating all the money raised from running the British 10K to UNIQUE, we can make a difference to individuals and families in the UK.

There is still time to help us make a difference and donate to our cause. All donations and contributions, however large or small, make a real and lasting difference.



Unique provides much needed help and information to those caring for a family member with a rare chromosome disorder. These lifelong disorders affect 1 in 200 live-born babies and those affected are often sick and severely disabled, unable to walk or talk. For more information see