June 13th, 2023


Guided by their mission to cut food-related emissions, they want to raise awareness of how our eating habits affect the climate and bridge the knowledge gap between research and the consumer to empower everyone to make more informed food choices. By putting the power in the hands of you, me, and restaurant chefs, Klimato aims to inspire and make it easy for everyone to do something good for the climate.

The food system accounts for one third of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions, making it one of the single largest contributors to climate change. Klimato is a startup on the mission to reduce the climate impact from food by helping restaurants and foodservice providers to calculate, communicate and report the carbon footprint per dish. Their carbon footprint calculations and climate labels guide and inspire chefs and restaurant guests to choose more climate-friendly, which coupled with a reporting function makes it easy to set sustainability goals, reduce food-related emissions and track progress to fight climate change – one meal at a time 🌍💚